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Skate And Slide Into The Absolute Best Indoor And Out Door Ice Skating Rinks In Pennsylvania

Unless you have been frozen in a block of ice for years like Captain America you already know that ice skating is people's favorite winter activity. Whether you are a hockey, figure skating, or leisure skating fan you will find some awesome rinks in PA.

Airport Ice Arena

Are you trying to amuse your kids and family! Here is the solution

Whether you're lacing up skates for the first time or you're an experienced skater looking to improve your technique, Airport Ice Arena has a top-notch staff of coaches ready to help. Ice Skating in PA has a lot more amusing techniques for skaters. The skater becomes famous for his new dance moves, jumps and spins. 


The skates are attached to the skater's shoes with leather straps. Ice skating is not only fun, but it’s a great aerobic exercise that gives you an intensive cardiovascular workout that burns between 250 to 810 calories.

Blade Runners Ice Complex

A fun place to beat the heat..! The Arena’s ice-skating rink is at best

Ice skating can be both a fun and recreational activity as well as a highly technical competitive sport. Ice skating in Pennsylvania is growing more fun faster. Casually, ice skating with friends and family in an indoor ice skating rink or on a frozen lake is popular around the world, especially in countries that have long cold seasons. Competitively, ice skating athletes train for years to perfect their tricks and technique. 


Ice skating has many more benefits that decreases health diseases and also make leg muscles work properly while having high speed and high intensity skating.

Blue Cross River Rink

Searching for a place to spend a hot day in Pennsylvania?

 Do you want to discover an enjoyable way of spending some quality time with your family? Then the Ice Skating Rink in PA is the perfect place to be. It is a great attraction for the sport enthusiast and the first of its kind in the region.


These rinks are artificially or mechanically-frozen where a coolant produces cold in the surface below the water of the rink, causing it to freeze. A spin on the ice is the perfect activity to escape a rainy day or to cool off in the heat.

Caln Skating Center

As the snow falls, people come towards!

Though ice skating might not be the first thing you think of when you consider the phrase ‘Pennsylvania in winter’, in reality you don’t have to go that far to hit the ice and enjoy one of winter’s most exhilarating activities. Ice skating in Pennsylvania makes this game more exciting.


All this excitement may not necessarily result in the creation of an army of young, inspired figure skaters, but it’s definitely going to bring a spike in the number of people taking to the ice for some good old-fashioned fun with some new twists. Athletes can specialize and compete in many different ice skating events, including figure skating and speed skating. 

Center Ice Arena

Are you afraid of sliding on slippery surfaces? Don’t be!

 A fun place with skates in which dancing and exercising occurs on frozen surface. Here comes unlimited amusement with ice skating in Pennsylvania. Ice skating can be done for a variety of reasons, including exercise, leisure, traveling, and various sports.


The cost for adults’ admission in Center Ice Arena is $7, which is the least expansive rate for all skating rinks. Skate rental fee is $3 and Locker rental fee is $0.50. It is open for all seasons. Its hours of operation are Mon-Fri 12-3 and Sat-Sun 1-3.

IceWorks Skating Complex

Enjoy Skating with Unlimited fun!

Try this and you’ll be amazed. Ice skating in PA is an amazing sliding sport that is full of enjoyment in fewer amounts. The cost of adult admission is $10. IceWorks Skating Complex is an Indoor rink with the following amenities: Pro Shop, Restaurant, Skate Rental and Snack Shack. Some services offered include Private Parties, Classes, Group Lessons and Corporate Events. Adult Admission is $10, Child Admission is $10, a Group Rate is $6.50, and the Skate Rental fee is $1.


IceWorks Skating Complex offers public ice skating and hockey sessions, hockey and figure skating instruction, and hockey leagues.

Oaks Center Ice

One of the Most Fun Ice Skating Rinks in Pennsylvania!

A modern twin surface ice arena, Oaks Center Ice is fun for the entire family!  Public skating is offered at specific times during each day of the week.  Check the public skating schedule on the website to stay updated on the rink's hours.


If you join the Center Ice Figure Skating Club; you'll get to enjoy clinics, synchronized skating, and theater on ice.  Oaks offers skating and hockey lessons, both privately and in groups.  Youth and adult hockey teams are available for people of all ages and abilities.  Also on premises are a snack bar and pro shop.  Take advantage of some of the best ice skating Pennsylvania has to offer today!

Penn 1923 Ice Rink

Flying on Frozen Floor is Amazing! Try This.

 Bring your friends and family for fun at Penn Ice Rink. Ice skating in Pennsylvania is the best level of fun. It's a standard size rink, so there is a lot of room to skate/fall. There is a variety of skill levels there- people who are spinning/jumping in the center and people clinging the walls for dear life on the periphery (and everyone in between).


The rink can handle a crowd, but it gets rather crowded during free skating sessions. Staff is on hand in case someone takes a-tumble. When you need to rest your feet there are plenty of seating available. Admission is cheap, especially if you have a student ID. Skate rentals are also cheap. Strap on your gear and go have fun - you may even see some competitive skaters messing around and doing cool things!

SkyTop Lodge

Double the Fun with Ice Skating

Have you ever enjoyed ice skating? Why not to try this one. Ice skating can be both a fun recreational activity as well as a highly technical competitive sport. Enjoy high speed fun sliding with ice skates at Skytop Lodge in PA. As with most high-speed sports, ice skating provides aerobic exercise and is a fun way to work the cardiovascular system and build endurance. Gliding across a frozen surface with bladed boots is a fun loving sport. 


Ice skating in Pennsylvania is not only fun but it may be surprising to know that abdominal and back muscles – or core muscles - also work hard to keep skaters upright and steady. The sport also builds quite a bit of muscle. Beginners may find it challenging but it doesn’t take long to master keeping upright on the ice.

Steel Ice Center

As winter holidays come, Ice Skating becomes more popular!

Ice skating in Pennsylvania is becoming more popular day by day. Large numbers of locals are making their way to an ice skating rink built in Bethlehem in Pennsylvania this winter season. This rink can be enjoyed in winter mostly. Skating rinks are a proven attraction for many different types of venues and events. From ice rinks in leisure centers intended for the more professional skater to more informal ice rinks intended for the recreational skater, Steel Ice Center has solution for every need.


The price of adult's daily admission is $7, which is the least expensive of all skating rinks. You can also rent out skating equipment for $3 for a day.

Wissahickon Skating Club

Few activities are as magical as ice skating in the winter holiday season

 Excellent indoor ice skating rink in the city center is located in Willow Grove Ave, in Philadelphia. The ice is flooded daily, there is a cafe, dressing rooms, music. This ice skating rink in Pennsylvania is popular among children and teenagers. Tot classes are offered on Tuesdays from 12:45-1:45 or on Wednesdays from 2:00-2:45 p.m. for young children ages 3 to 6.


In any climate, an arena ice surface can be installed in a properly built space.  Modern rinks have a specific procedure for preparing the surface. A highly specialized form of rink is used for speed skating; this is a large oval (or ring) much like an athletic track.