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Join The Hunt in Pennsylvania

Since before recorded time we humans have been hunting and foraging for food so we can survive as a species. Now people go hunting mostly for sport. In PA deer hunting is a huge deal. With so much open land there are plenty of opportunities to get the perfect kill. 

Mountain Laurel Whitetails Hunting Preserve

Experience Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting in Central PA!

Come hunt the newest Whitetail Deer Preserve in Central PA.  We offer some of the nicest whitetail deer in the state.  Mountain Laurel Whitetail offers trophy-quality whitetail deer for you and your hunting party to choose from.  Whether you're interested in a 140 class or a 200+ class buck we are the hunting preserve for you.  Your 3 day trip will include a trophy-quality buck of your choice, 3 home cooked meals per day prepared by our cook and skinning and quartering of your trophy.  Our lodge is large enough to accommodate up to 3 hunters plus our guides.


For more information check out our full page listing!

Taylor’s Hunting Tradition

Choose your buck to hunt from our portfolio!

Welcome to Taylor’s Hunting Tradition.  We are a small hunting outfitter that offers the average hunter a great hunting experience. THT is dedicated to bringing every hunter a great hunting experience. THT is located in central Pennsylvania at Raystown Lake in Huntington County. Deciding which acre to hunt is the question.  THT provides Deer, Turkey and Bear hunting experiences of a time old tradition of the "hunting camp".  What happens at our camp does not stay at camp. It goes with you for a life time of memories.  Hunting develops bonds that last forever.  We want you to be our lifelong friends and will offer you a great hunting experience.


THT can help you get that trophy, as our staff will do the scouting for you in advance, place tree stands and blinds on known active deer travel paths. It is harder and harder to find time in life and hunting is no exception.  Choose your buck from a buck profile that THT develops from photos taken from our game cameras and our scouting reports.


For more information check out our full page listing!

Allegheny Wilderness Outfitters

Fun PA Hunting at Affordable Prices!

Allegheny Wilderness Outfitters provides you with a safe and enjoyable hunting experience at an affordable price.  The remote area is composed of hilly hardwoods, making it ideal for quality whitetail hunting.  On over a million acres of public hunting land you'll also encounter some of the best grouse, bear, and turkey hunting in PA. 


For lodging options, the cabin offers nice accommodations with two large bathrooms, a large main living room, and a small kitchen.  Home-cooked meals are served in the main lodge.

Burdick's Lodge

Exciting Deer and Turkey Hunts in PA!

 Hunt on thousands of acres of prime public land at Burdick's Lodge in Smethport, PA.  The superb hunting areas include grassy pipelines, food plots, old clear cuts, new clear cuts, open hardwoods, evergreen stands, and swamps.


Located in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of McKean County, Burdick's offers 100% fair chase hunts with no fences.  Your hunting success will depend upon the weather, moon phase, deer activity, and your abilities.  Enjoy Pennsylvania deer and turkey hunts at affordable prices!

Cherry Ridge Trophy Whitetail Hunting

One of the Largest Hunting Ranches in PA!

Located in the heart of the gorgeous Allegheny National Forest, the Cherry Ridge Hunting Preserve consists of about 2,800 acres of hardwood forests, clear-cuts, and stream bottoms.  The 1,500-acre high-fence trophy management area allows Cherry Ridge to produce many trophy-class whitetail deer. 


Experience the largest hunting ranch east of the Mississippi River!  Housed in the calm mountain environment are some monster whitetail bucks.  Hunt for a buck up to 140-class!  At Cherry Ridge you can also hunt for turkey, fish for trout, use the archery range, enjoy winter sports, hike, mountain bike, and hunt for squirrel and other small game.

Chestnut Ridge Whitetails

The Best Whitetail Deer in PA!

If you're looking for some of the best whitetail deer in the state, take a trip to the Chestnut Ridge Whitetail Farm.  The farm offers trophy-quality whitetail deer, deer breeding services, and deer for sale.  Whether you're there for hunting or to enjoy the majestic beauty of whitetail deer, Chestnut Ridge is the place for you.


On the 100-acre preserve, the year-round guided deer hunts will mimic the feeling of hunting out in the wild!  Plus, you'll get to feast on the highest quality venison available.  Since the animals are all given top-quality feed, the deer are kept in optimum physical condition.

Double Boar Ranch

The Best Eurasian Wild Boar Hunting in Pennsylvania!

Experience Eurasian wild boar hunting at its best at the Double Boar Ranch in Shippenville, PA!  Measuring 207 acres, DBR believes in keeping its animal population low, providing you with an unsurpassed and challenging hunt.  The PA boar ranch offers the best pure-bred Eurasian Wild Boar available, all blood-tested to ensure you get the choicest trophies and the highest quality meat. 


The guides will share their expertise, knowledge, skills, and experience as you embark upon your hunt.  The world-class hunting lodge contains huge rooms, a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, 12-foot-wide wraparound decks, and five comfy bedrooms/baths.  Also available are exotic ram hunts, including a selection of Corsican, Black Hawaiian, Texas Dall, and Mouflon Rams.   

Goldfinger's Whitetails

A High-Quality PA Hunting Preserve!

 Open all year to hunters and non-hunters, Goldfinger's Whitetails allows you to hunt deer, elk, buffalo, red stag, hogs, goats, rams, fallow deer, axis deer, mule deer, and more.  All animals are well taken care of, properly fed, and examined for possible diseases.


The family-owned property has been around for over 100 years, and serves as a natural habitat for wild animals.  The entire preserve spans over 165 acres with hardwoods, creek bottom, and large hallows.  Included with your hunt will be a home-style cooked meal and lodging in the newly built lodge.  Keep your camera handy as you view the picturesque countryside and gorgeous animals!

Happy Hollow Hunts, Inc.

Year-Round Hunting in PA!

For guaranteed hunts all year round, head over to Happy Hollow Hunts.  Explore over 140 acres consisting of hardwoods, pine overgrown cut offs, and some open fields.  Happy Hollow provides a huge variety of animals for challenging, quality hunts.  Those animals include whitetail deer, Silka Deer, Fallow Deer, Barbados Ram, Mouflon Ram, Corsican Ram, Russian Hogs, European Hogs, Feral Hogs, and elk.   


A guide will assist every two hunters.  Each guide will skin and prepare your animals for a small fee.  One-on-one hunts are also available.  The preserve offers muzzleloader, rifle, archery, and pistol hunting. 

Hopewell Pheasantry, Inc.

Choose from Several Exciting Bird Hunts!

Enjoy top-quality pheasant, quail, mallard duck, Canada geese, and chukar hunting at the Hopewell Pheasantry--located on the grounds of Gentry Farms in Felton, PA.  Hopewell offers seven months of bird hunting, from September through March.  With advanced notice, trained dogs and guides are available.   


One of several exciting hunts available is the Continental Hunt, which simulates driven pheasants and consists of pass shooting.  Between 10 and 30 shooters are allowed per hunt.  Each shoot is approximately three hours.  Included in the Continental Hunt Package are a light lunch, bird cleaning, and a round of clays.

Hunting Hills

Experience the Best Pheasant Hunting in the Country!

Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, 60 miles south of Pittsburgh, is Hunting Hills in Dilliner, PA.  Enjoy the finest Pennsylvania hunting on 750 acres of wildlife conversation land.  At Hunting Hills you will find a beautiful lodge, one of the most challenging five stands in the U.S., two wobble traps, and three 100 target sporting clay courses.


Upland bird hunters will enjoy some of the finest pheasant hunting in the country!  From September 1st through April 15th, you can pursue ringed neck pheasant as you're guided through manicured wildlife habitat.  With professional guides and class bird dogs, you can cherish a topnotch hunting experience that you will never forget! 

James Creek Outfitters

The Longest Running Snow Goose Guide Service in PA!

If you're seeking first-class snow goose hunts and Canada goose hunts, James Creek Outfitters is your number one destination.  The majority of hunting is performed in agricultural fields with large spreads of full body goose decoys and/or deadly decoys.  James Creek proudly hosts the longest running snow goose guide service in Pennsylvania!  All guides are passionate about waterfowl hunting, and will ensure a fun and pleasurable hunt.


Hunt from layout blinds, strategically concealed with surrounding vegetation.  The layout blinds allow comfortable hunts, providing you with the proper mobility as the weather and field conditions change.  Guests at the hunting preserve get discounted rooms at the nearby Four Seasons Motel.

Majestic World Lodge & Retreat

One of the Nicest Hunting Lodges in Pennsylvania!

Hunt elk, red stag, whitetail deer, buffalo, Fallow Deer, and rams at the Majestic World Lodge & Retreat in Portage, PA!  The PA hunting lodge allows you to hunt and harvest quality animals, and create hunts within your price range.


Come during the fall and encounter some of the best fall scenery in Pennsylvania!  One-day, two-day, and longer guided hunts are available.  Stay at the lodge where you can enjoy topnotch accommodations in one of seven nature-themed lodge rooms and delicious home-cooked meals.  Or stay at the guest house, where you can cook your own meals and run your own hunting camp.

Pheasant Valley Farm

The Best Bird Hunting in PA!

Pheasant Valley Farm offers the best pheasant, chukar, and quail hunting in PA!  The farm maintains a diverse variety of cover and hunting options, and each farm is tailored to the upland bird hunt.  The staff maintains wood lots and gently rolling fields planted with corn, sorghum, switch grass, and open fields. 


The family-owned farm is known for treating its guests to quality, fun-filled hunting experiences.  Check the website for a list of great packages!

Pipeline Ridge

Hunt the Trophy of your Choice at this PA Hunting Preserve!

Whether you're a first-time or seasoned hunter, Pipeline Ridge will provide the ultimate hunting adventures.  Located only minutes from Williamsport, PA and within driving distance of New York, Philly, and the Washington, D.C. area; the hunting preserve is highly accessible. 


The long list of trophy big game animals includes European Hogs, buffalo, Scimitar Horned Onyx, Asian Water Buffalo, Blue Wildebeest, whitetail deer, elk, Texas Dall, Spanish Goats, Fallow Deer, exotic ram, and Black Buck Antelope.  You have the choice of a one-day, two-day, or longer guided hunt.  At the lodge you will experience world-class service, complete with home-cooked meals. 

PowderHorn Hunting Preserve

A Great Hunting Preserve in the Allegheny Mountains!

For the hunting experience of a lifetime, visit the PowderHorn hunting preserve in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.  The goal of the Pennsylvania hunting preserve is to provide you with an exciting, heart-pounding, successful hunt.


Soak in the unparalleled scenery as you step onto the private hunting areas with brush, woodlands, and open fields.  All hunts are tailored to fit your individual expectations.  Tree stands and blinds are available for still hunts and stalking trophies.  If you're dedicated to hunting the trophy of your choice, the hunt can last as long as you wish!  Allow PowderHorn's extremely knowledgeable and experienced guides to lead the way.

Rathmel Run

The Newest and Largest Hunting Preserve in Pennsylvania!

Visit Pennsylvania's newest and largest hunting preserve!  Rathmel Run's preserve contains a 1,000-acre enclosure and 1,100 acres of open hunting.  At the site you can hunt for elk, whitetail deer, and turkey.  You can also engage in a fun upland game bird hunt.


The 3,500-square-foot lodge is equipped with four bedrooms (each with its own bath), a full kitchen, a large living room, a cozy fireplace, and a 700-square-foot dining room.  Accommodations are available for hunters to stay overnight.  For one-day hunts and bird hunts, lunch is offered. 

SB High Point Trophy Hunting

One of the Finest Hunting Preserves in PA!

Enjoy a truly adventurous hunting experience, deep in the woods of PA.  SB High Point Trophy Hunting is bordered by Slippery Rock Creek and hidden within tall oaks, high table lands, and swamp bottoms.  The preserve is a hunter's utopia; as it's thick, lush, and measures 125 acres.


SB High Point is not only known for its beautiful natural setting, but also the people.  Sit in on a family jam session, as the neighbors from nearby farms entertain you with their lively music.  The log cabin on-site is available for rental all year round, and includes a well-stocked kitchen. 

Spring Lane Hunt Club

Experience South Dakota Pheasant Hunting in PA!

At the Spring Lane Hunt Club, journey back to a time when local farms in Pennsylvania offered the best pheasant hunting!  Certain guests reported to have seen 40 or more pheasants on site.  Experienced hunters tend to compare hunting at Spring Lane to hunting wild pheasants in South Dakota.


Out of Spring Lane's 500 acres, 300 are dedicated to permanent pheasant habitat, providing birds with the food and cover they need on a yearly basis.  You'll also find one of the finest Continental pheasant hunts in the world!  A few miles away from the hunting grounds are two lush bed and breakfasts, perfect for a weekend hunting getaway. 

The Wilderness PA

A Fun and Friendly Hunting Experience!

Are you seeking a true five-star hunting experience?  When you stop by The Wilderness in Everett, PA, you can hunt whitetail deer, Fallow Deer, elk, Russian Boar, Black Hawaiian Ram, Corsican Ram, and many other types of game.  The helpful guides will tag along with you, making sure you have the most enjoyable time possible.  Plus, The Wilderness treats all its guests like family! 


The preserve also offers mentored youth hunts for your young ones.  At the site you'll find two modern, 6,000-square-foot lodges--both of which can comfortably fit up to 18 hunters.  Check the website for a list of great specials.   

Tioga Boar Hunting Preserve

Hunt a Wide Selection of Big Game in PA!

Come visit one of the largest and most successful hunting ranches in the nation!  Hunt black boar and other big game all year round!  The preserve is located in a remote area, miles away from civilization. 


The wide selection of big game also includes red boar, elk, red stag, whitetail deer, Fallow Deer, Silka Deer, buffalo, Rocky Mountain Ram, Corsican Ram, Texas Dall Ram, Mouflon Ram, Black Hawaiian Ram, Spanish Goat, and turkey.  With over 40 years of experience in conducting fully guided hunts, you will be accompanied by some of the best hunting guides in the industry!

Whitetail Ridge Deer & Exotics Ranch

Enjoy Great Whitetail Deer Hunting in Pennsylvania!

Quality heard management and genetic development programs have allowed Whitetail Ridge Deer & Exotics Ranch to offer some of the best whitetail hunting in the U.S.  The property is ideal for challenging and exciting hunts--situated upon true Appalachian Mountain ground with hundreds of acres of knobs, deep hollows, pine thickets, and steeps.


The five classes of hunts range from 130" to 300" plus, based on gross antler score of the deer.  Whitetail Ridge also offers exotic hunts for several species throughout the summer and early fall.  The rustic lodge provides a perfectly relaxing atmosphere for all its guests, with its warm fireplace and award-winning meals from the on-site chef.