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Freefall Into This List of the Most Intense and Extreme Sky Diving Businesses in PA

Make sure to grab a parachute because you are about to experience a high flying list of the most extreme places to go skydiving in PA. Free-fall from over 3000 feet above the earth in one of the most thrilling attractions that ever existed!

Chambersburg Skydiving Center

One of the Best Skydiving Centers in Pennsylvania!

Skydiving in Pennsylvania is the perfect activity for those craving adventure and exhilaration! With less than an hour of instruction required before your tandem jump, you can enjoy the feeling of flying through the air, all while securely strapped to a certified instructor. Safe and exciting, tandem dives at the Chambersburg Skydiving Center start at $229.


All of the instructors are certified by the United States Parachute Association, and the aircrafts are maintained and operated by FAA certified pilots and mechanics. Chambersburg Skydiving Center also offers Instructor-Assisted Deployment, Static Line jumps, and Accelerated Free Fall. Chambersburg is open year-round! Call for reservations!

Endless Mountain Skydivers

Thrilling Skydives in Pennsylvania!

Making skydives for nearly a quarter of a century, Endless Mountain Skydivers operates out of Skyhaven Airport, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and wide open farmland. Using only USPA (United States Parachute Association) Certified Instructors, Endless Mountain Skydives puts safety first while keeping all the thrills and fun.


This Pennsylvania Skydiving group uses only the best jumpsuits, harnesses, modern square parachutes and safety gear. First-time tandem dives are priced at an unbeatable $205! Schedule your dive in advance! The PA skydiving center is open year-round, seven days a week.

Maytown Sport Parachute Club

Skydiving in PA that is Sure to Delight!

Maytown Sport Parachute Club, one of the oldest skydiving clubs in the United States, is a friendly skydiving center that offers packages for experienced skydivers, as well as training for first-timers. All instructors are USPA certified and are dedicated to safety, enjoyment and making sure you have all the skills you need to skydive comfortably.

Training and tandem jumps are $220 with discounts on future jumps. This PA skydiving club also offers a Video/Tandem Package for $330, OR if you're not sure skydiving is for you, pay a small fee to take a plane ride in one of their Cessna 182s and have a look around!

Sky's the Limit

PA Skydiving with a Great View!

Sky's the Limit is a USPA certified Pennsylvania skydive center. Enjoy the thrilling drop from 13,500 feet in your first tandem jump! You will experience the awesome view of the Pocono Mountains, Delaware Water gap and the New York City skyline. Tandem jump prices start at $195. Sky's the Limit also offers further skydiving training with its Accelerated Free Fall Program and its Advanced Free Fall Program.


The skydive center is surrounded by additional attractions including skiing, horseback riding, and paint-balling.  As the closest PA drop zone to NYC, Sky's the Limit is ideally located for a weekend getaway.

Skydive Pennridge

Unforgettable Skydiving Experience in Pennsylvania!

Skydive Pennridge offers two ways to make your first skydive! Choose to do a skydive in tandem with a certified instructor and minimal training, where you will free fall for 4,000 feet and then float another 10,000 feet to the ground all while your instructor is strapped securely to you; or choose to do the more extensive training program with a 4-6 hour instruction period and then do a jump where you will have the opportunity to deploy your pilot chute on your own and (with radio assistance) control your solo parachute descent back to the drop zone.


Skydive Pennridge is a PA skydiving facility with state-of-the-art equipment and a dedication to safety and fun. Call to book your dive now!

Skydive Pennsylvania

Skydiving in Pennsylvania is an Exhilarating Experience!

Skydive Pennsylvania is a USPA certified facility which boasts the most progressive training program in Pennsylvania, even exceeding USPA standards. They offer Tandem or Static Line jumps starting at $235. Tandem jumping is a wonderful way to jump without nervousness or fear. For the slightly more independent, Static Line jumping involves a higher level of freedom, and a longer training period. Static Line jumpers will dive from 4,500 feet - a height very few skydiving schools will offer for this type of jump!


Call to book your skydive now! A skydiving gift certificate makes the perfect surprise for a birthday or graduation. Skydive Pennsylvania also provides sales and service for BASE jumping equipment.