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Maytown Sport Parachute Club

Maytown Sport Parachute Club

Skydiving in PA that is Sure to Delight!

Maytown Sport Parachute Club, one of the oldest skydiving clubs in the United States, is a friendly skydiving center that offers packages for experienced skydivers, as well as training for first-timers. All instructors are USPA certified and are dedicated to safety, enjoyment and making sure you have all the skills you need to skydive comfortably.

Training and tandem jumps are $220 with discounts on future jumps. This PA skydiving club also offers a Video/Tandem Package for $330, OR if you're not sure skydiving is for you, pay a small fee to take a plane ride in one of their Cessna 182s and have a look around!

Location: 188 Airport Drive, Marietta, PA, 17547
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 717-653-0422
Counties Served:
188 Airport Drive, Marietta, PA, 17547