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Hip Hop Bands in PA

Check out the coolest hip-hop bands in PA. Find the most talented hip-hop artists in Pennsylvania.

Cootie Brown

Groove to Cool Hip Hop Music

Check out this seven-man musical group if you are looking for a hip hop band in Pennsylvania. They harmonically blend hip hop music with other genres like rock, funk, jazz, disco, and reggae. They are versatile musicians who will get you and your guests grooving on the dance floor.


Their style is a rhythmical mixture of cool hip hop music and other world sounds. Visit their website to check their availability and see the different places they have performed in the past.


The Fun Band!

 Gazze is among the best hip hop bands in Pennsylvania with over 30 years of experience. They are composed of 9 musicians, with 2 dynamic male and female lead vocals. 3 band members play the horn while the other 4 perform explosive rhythms. All together, they bring an amazing combination of upbeat music, audience participation, and choreography that will keep your guests dancing.


They perform the latest hits of today including hip hop, pop, country, rock, and disco. They also do music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Drop by their website and see available bookings and dates. 

J Rag

One of the Best Hip-Hop Artists in Philly!

 Hailing from South Philly, J Rag is not only a talented hip-hop and R&B recording artist; but also a writer, producer, actor, model, party host, and all-around entertainer.  J Rag regularly tours the PA area as well as New York, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and other states.


The fans rave about the calm, smooth, sexy, soulful, and rhythmic style of the Pennsylvania hip-hop artist.  That's not to mention his lyrical prowess that beautifully shows every time he commands a beat.  You can follow J Rag via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networking sites.     

One World Tribe

One of the Great Hip-Hop Bands in PA!

Performing since 1994, One World Tribe covers music by such artists as Bob Marley, Santana, Ruben Blades, The Meters, and Stevie Wonder.  Over time, the band has also included many original tunes.  Based in Erie, the Pennsylvania hip-hop band has expanded its fan base to places like Pittsburgh and surrounding areas of Northwestern PA, Buffalo, NY, and Upstate NY.


The band encompasses multiple genres of music like hip-hop, reggae, soul, funk, jazz, salsa, and African pop.  One World Tribe is available to perform at clubs, events, concerts, festivals, and workshops. 

Philadelphia Slick

Infectious Lyrics & Danceable Beats!

By the band name, it is not too hard to figure out where they're from - Philadelphia Slick is one of the best hip hop bands in Philadelphia!  Entertaining crowds with danceable beats and awesome lyrics for six years, Philadelphia Slick puts on a show that you will never forget.  With live horns, addictive rhythms, cover songs and original composition, Philadalphia Slick has unbelievable talent and charisma!


You can listen to their great tunes by going to their website, and you can purchase their CD's at their store.  They also have a list of all their upcoming shows, so be sure to check out when the next show is near you, and stop by for a memorable time!


Energetic Grooves with Veinmelter

This Pennsylvania hip hop band offers energetic beats that are matched with shifting guitar hooks and spanking new lyrics. They are named after a song from renowned band leader and composer, Herbie Hancock. They show respect to this talented musician through their excellent arrangements and mastery in performing. 


Veinmelter gives their audience a delightful combination of hip hop, funk, and rock music. They also play trance, swing, ska, jazz, and death metal.  Hire this PA hip hop band if you want cool rhymes and rhythms banging at your door. Check out their website or email them at [email protected].