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kid friendly restaurants in pa

You and the family will love these kid-friendly restaurants in PA. See our comprehensive list of kids' restaurants in Pennsylvania.

Almaz Cafe

A Relaxing Place to Take the Kids. 

Almaz Cafe is one of the great kid friendly restaurants in Philadelphia. With plenty of seats available indoors and outdoors, your children are guaranteed to be comfortable and have a fun time. Whether you want to eat from Almaz's diverse Ethiopian menu, or just enjoy a nice drink, this restaurant definitely has you covered.


Not many kid friendly restaurants Philadelphia has a decor like the one found here, featuring a cool and unique design that your kids will appreciate very much. If you're looking for a fun and relaxing place to go out with the whole family to, Almaz Cafe is your place. 

Buca di Beppo

One of the Best Kid Friendly Restaurants in Pennsylvania!

If there's a place where you can get your fussy eaters, or otherwise finicky children, to settle down, and learn to enjoy delicious Italian cuisine, it's Buca di Beppo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They're used to noise, they cater almost exclusively to a family crowd,they have a relaxed atmosphere, huge portions, and their food is so tasty you won't have to fight with anyone to clean their plate. It's like a parent's dream. About the huge portions: we mean huge. A Buca Large of any pasta dish you order is most likely enough to feed your whole family -- what a value! It's all these reasons that make Buca di Beppo one of the best kid friendly restaurants PA has to offer.

Dave & Buster's

Fantastically Fun Family-Friendly Restaurant in Pennsylvania!


Though often billed as a paradise for adults, you may not realize that Dave and Buster's is just as entertaining for your kids too. Sure there are places you can go with cartoon characters, but your kids will never have as much fun as when you're having fun too. Try their delicious food (a thick steak or loaded potato skins, for example), a soda for them, a brew for you, and play ski-ball with your kids, rather than watch from the sidelines. This is the place where the whole family can cut loose for a little while, and with the bright screens and games all over the place, you'll be wondering why you haven't come before.

Dave & Buster's

Food and Games!

Dave & Buster's is not only a great kid friendly restaurants in Philadelphia, but the establishment actually encourages that the entire family comes out to eat and play. With a variety of dishes that suits everyone's needs, and an assortment of wildly fun arcade games, no one will be left hungry or bored. 


Out of the kid friendly restaurants Philadelphia has, Dave & Buster's is one of the largest, boasting multiple floors that are filled to the brim with excitement. So pack the family up and check out Dave & Buster's today!

Fenicci's of Hershey

Great Italian Food for the Whole Family!

You've just visited Hershey. Your children have just consumed as many pounds of chocolate over the course of a single day as you have in your entire life. You're hungry, and searching for a place where'll you'll be able to feed them a meal with some kind of actual nutritional value. Fenicci's is the answer. They've been serving up delicious Italian dishes to families in and around the Hershey, PA area since 1935, and there's a reason their business has persisted so long. You'll get quality cuisine in a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere, and all for the right price. Stop by Hershey, and try it yourself.

Hard Rock Cafe

Food and a Rockin' Time.

Bring your kids to the Hard Rock Cafe and they'll be amazed at the elaborate interior, decked out from wall to wall with amazing music memorabilia. As one of the most well known kid friendly restaurants Philadelphia plays host to, the Hard Rock Cafe is a great place to bring the whole family.


As one of the premier kid friendly restaurants in Philadelphia, the Hard Rock cafe maintains a level of quality that will leave any patrons impressed. The food is all very good as well as the service, and together with its rocking atmosphere it makes for an unforgettable experience. 

Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia

The Hard Rock Cafe is Great For Kids in PA!

This rock n roll themed cafe, one of many such famous locations around the globe, is right down the block from Independence Hall in Philly. It's great for kids, with the best music, and plenty to look at: if you've never been to a Hard Rock cafe, the walls are covered with interesting paraphernalia that will keep your kids occupied for quite a while. They have the classic American fare kids love too: big juicy burgers, hot dogs, fries, finger food --the works. If you need a place that the whole family can enjoy, we strongly recommend you try the Hard Rock Cafe for a night out.    

Honey's Sit-N-Eat

Great Food for the Whole Family. 

Honey's Sit-N-Eat serves an amazing breakfast and brunch that you or anyone in your family is likely to ever forget. With a decor that caters to the tastes of all ages, the restaurant is one of the best kid friendly restaurants in Philadelphia. The service is also excellent and accomdating, ensuring that you'll leave with a smile on your face. 


The Kid friendly restaurants Philadelphia has to offer can sometimes be limited, but Honey's Sit-N-Eat is one of the best. The menu, service, decor all come to together to create an experience that you're unlikely to ever forget.  

In Riva

Incredible Pizza for the Kids.

In Riva is one of the great kid friendly restaurants Philadelphia plays host to, serving critically acclaimed pizza that will make your kids savor each and every bite. With staff that is accommodating for any of your child's needs, In Riva is without a doubt one of the most kid friendly restaurants in Philadelphia.


In Riva is one of the most well known family restaurants in Philadelphia, serving the entire family with unrivaled enthusiasm and service. So if you want good food and a place to bring the kids, look no further than In Riva. 

The Cracker Barrel

A Great Family Destination In PA!

This one is a no-brainer. The Cracker Barrel is famous for home-cooked food, and fun gizmos and chachkies. Kids love chachkies. Let them wander around the back of the store looking at country albums, welcome mats, bird houses, and toys and games, and, when they get back, order them some home style chicken fingers, or a juicy burger. Even fussy eaters won't refuse french fries, or delicious mashed potatoes. Plus, you love the food and the chachkies (you know you do), so it's a win-win. If your kids see you eating and having a good time, they'll have a good time too. Give it a try, and if it works, you'll know you can take them to kid-friendly Cracker Barrels in PA or anywhere.