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arcades in pa

See our list of great arcades in PA. Find the most fun arcades in Pennsylvania.

iPlay America

Premier arcade less then an hour from PA!

Located in Freehold, NJ, iPlay America offers fun for the whole family in a themed indoor environment. Boardwalk style rides, the IPA Speedway, 4D Theatre and Cosmic Laser Tag are just a few of the main attractions. A rainy day never spoils the fun at iPlay America! Whether your family is looking to hit the pavement or shoot up to the stars, iPlay America has a variety of rides to satisfy any need for speed! The park includes a massive arcade. Stimulate your senses at iPlay America's Boardwalk Arcade, located in the heart of our family entertainment center, featuring state-of-the-art gaming technology with over 200 traditional and cutting edge arcade games sure to delight gamers and nostalgic players alike. Boardwalk Arcade is fun for kids and adults as it includes casino style games like slot machines and video card games. As you accumulate iTickets on your iPA card, you can redeem them for exciting and unique prizes at iPlay’s redemption center. This exciting, state-of- the-art indoor theme park where the city meets the boardwalk and truly offers something for everyone!


One of the Most High-Tech Arcades in Pennsylvania!


Laserdome is a Family Fun Center located in Lancaster County, PA. With Non stop all ages fun, we’re the perfect place for your next family outing!  We have a multilevel 9,000 square foot arena and the latest version of Laser Tag tech available. Go for the top score in our high-tech Laser Tag Arena and be featured on our Digital Leaderboard. All of our packages come with Laser Tag and unlimited play on our Rides, Attractions and Games. Throw back to your favorite carnival games like Down the Clown, Wacky Gator and Treasure Quest. Feel like a secret agent in Laser Maze, dodging the laser beams the quickest. Score the biggest candy in our Candy Cranes. No need to make a reservation just stop by anytime and let us serve you.

Special deals every holiday. Voted #1 place for a birthday for 10 years in a row! (Lanc. Readers Choice Awards)  



PA arcade that's fun for the whole family!

Laserdome is a Family Fun Center located in Lancaster County, PA. With Non stop all ages fun, we’re the perfect place for your next birthday party, family hangout, company event, or group outing! Win big with our huge collection of classic and new prize games. Play with your friends on our multi-player gaming platform. Throw back to your favorite carnival games like Down the Clown, Wacky Gator and Treasure Quest. Feel like a secret agent in Laser Maze, dodging the laser beams the quickest out of all your teammates. Get in the basement with our Munsters Pinball Classic. Laserdome has everything you need to have a blast with your favorite people. We’re open all day, and open after 8pm for adults and BYOB. Let the fun begin!  


Adventure Sports in Hershey

Great Free Admission Arcade in PA!

At Adventure Sports in Hershey, you're awarded a selection of over 60 video and redemption games!  Show off your fancy footwork on Dance Dance Revolution.  Race against your friends on one of the Daytona USA games.  Or you can roll for the jackpot on skee-ball. 


If you're looking for some outdoor action, Adventure Sports also contains a 1,100-foot go-kart track, outdoor laser tag, an 18-hole miniature golf course, baseball and softball batting cages, and a driving range.  Take a break from a day full of action-packed gaming at the ice cream parlor, where you can treat yourself to one of 18 flavors of Hershey's ice cream.  

Arnold's Family Fun Center

One of the Largest Arcades in PA!

 Behold one of the largest arcades in Pennsylvania at Arnold's Family Fun Center in Oaks, PA!  With more than 80 popular arcade games, the awesome PA arcade will satisfy gamers of all ages.  Containing everything from Guitar Hero to classic pinball games, Arnold's is hours of fun for the whole family!


The family fun center offers many redemption games, with opportunities to win big-time prizes!  You can also play black light mini-golf, duck-pin bowling, and laser tag.  Also, be sure to grab some delicious pizza and salad buffet after a long day of fun-filled game-playing.


Affordable Retro Fun.

Barcades is one of those arcades in Philadelphia that focuses on the classics, when games were much simpler. With games like Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Galaga, and more, you'll be transported back to the days of your youth. And with most games costing as little as a quarter, you'll do it at a cheap price.


If you want good and affordable fun, check out Barcade today. They are one of the very few Philadelphia arcades that still has a place for retro games, making sure that you'll always have a place to return to the old days. 

Boomers Family Fun

Fun PA Arcade with the Best Prizes!

The arcade at Boomers Family Fun Center features over 70 games for children of all ages!  Whether you crave the newest games or classic favorites like skee-ball, this arcade in PA will satisfy your needs.  Plus, it offers a huge array of redemption prizes! 


The spacious PA fun center offers every activity that kids and teens desire.  Laser tag, mini-golf, a driving range, a sport court--Boomers has it all!  Also, be sure to purchase a few slices of Boomers' famous pizza, with a special recipe that distinguishes it from others.     

Challenge Family Fun Center

One of the Coolest Arcades in Pennsylvania!

Enjoy a day of skeeball, video games, air hockey, and other fun games at Challenge Family Fun Center's fantastic arcade in PA!  If you're lucky, take home all sorts of cool prizes after playing one of the hot-paying redemption games! 


After you're done testing your skills at the arcade, take advantage of other great activities like a 22-hole miniature golf course, batting cages, and mini-bowling.  When your munchies get the best of you, check out the snack bar.  Order such delicious items as made-from-scratch pizza, hot dogs, hot sausages, pulled pork sandwiches, salads, Hershey's Premium ice cream, and more!       

Dave & Buster's

Play and Win. 

Dave and Buster's is one of the largest arcades in Philadelphia, providing tons of games as well as a dining area. With tons of prizes to redeem your tickets for, it's also a great place to visit with the kids. For adults there's also a bar available, but be assured - Dave and Buster's is a family fun environment.  


You'll be hard pressed to find other Philadelphia arcades that are as comprehensive as this. Dave and Buster's is open seven days a week, from 11:30 to midnight on weekdays, and open until 2:30 AM on weekends. 

Fun Central

Great Family Fun Center and Arcade in Pennsylvania!

Pick from about 50 arcade and redemption games at Fun Central, a spectacular arcade in PA.  Win such prizes as toys, I-Pods, Nintendo Wii's, PS3's, and big-screen televisions!  The massive family fun entertainment center also houses a 2,000-square-foot laser tag arena and a 9-hole, pirate-themed blacklight mini-golf course.


Bring your little ones to the large soft-play jungle gym.  The great restaurant offers a nice selection of gourmet pizza, Stromboli's, chicken wings, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and hearty entrees.  At Fun Central you pay as-you-go, as there's no admission fee required. 

Jungle Wonder Family Fun Center

One of the Top Arcades in PA!

Play over 60 of the latest redemption games, as well as other fun games, at Jungle Wonder Family Fun Center's wonderful arcade.  The all-indoor family fun center spans 25,000 square feet, and entertains families all over with a variety of amusing attractions. 


Jungle Wonder is home to a 9-hole, indoor blacklight miniature golf course; where you'll see elephants, gorillas, tigers, monkeys, snakes, and alligators popping out of the darkness!  Plus, there's a gigantic soft playground with slides, tunnels, mazes, and other obstacles to challenge and entertain kids 12 and under.  The private dining area features yummy goodies like pizza, sandwiches, wraps, chicken strips, hot dogs, ice cream, and more.

North Bowl

Filled to the Brim with Games.

North Bowl is a great arcade in Philadelphia, featuring a great selection of games both old and new. The venue is perfect for kids, allowing them to bowl and then play some games afterwards. If you want a bowling alley that has a variety of activities, North Bowl is your place. 


North Bowl is one of the few Philadelphia arcades that offers both bowling and games. It's very family friendly, with an atmosphere that is enjoyable for both adults and children. With North Bowl having affordable rates and a range of things to do, make sure to check this place out. 

Pinball Parlour

Best Arcade in PA!

For an afternoon gaming extravaganza, step into the Pinball Parlour and enjoy a selection of over 100 games!  Play pinball, air hockey, driving games, foosball, and or a variety of other video games.  The machines in the arcade's collection span over 60 years!  The Pennsylvania arcade even includes those beloved classic games that you've grown up with (i.e.: Joust, Paperboy, Tempest, Defender).   


All guests get unlimited play with paid admission.  Prices are $6.00 to play for an hour and $15.00 to play for the entire day!  Pinball Parlour is also a premier party facility, and serves as an ideal venue to host your child's next birthday party.

The Oasis Family Fun Center

Fun Arcade in PA

Choose from over 60 arcade games at The Oasis Family Fun Center in Glen Mills, PA!  The great PA arcade contains the latest redemption games, including a mini-bowling game that your kids will love.   


Within the 20,000-square-foot, all-indoor family entertainment center, you will also find a gigantic soft playground, an exciting ball arena, trampoline basketball, a thrilling laser maze, a mini-golf course, and a 16-foot rock climbing wall.  When you and your children get hungry, order some delicious Old Forge Pizza, now available on-site at The Oasis.

University Pinball

One of the Last True Arcades.

University Pinball is one of the only arcades in Philadelphia that still exists from an era long forgotten. You may remember Philadelphia arcades when they used to be on every block, providing a place to hang out with your friends after school. University Pinball manages to preserve that sense of wonderment of having every game available, making it a truly great arcade.


For those who want to show their children what arcades used to be like, look no further than University Pinball. From wall to wall the venue is loaded with games, ranging from the classics to the newest releases.