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Country Bands in PA

For the best in live entertainment, check out one of these country bands in PA. See our complete list of country bands in PA.


Hear One of the Top Country Bands in PA!

Abilene is a rocking country and bluegrass band comprised of some of the finest and most talented musicians in the state. They blend the old time country sound you were raised on with the improvisational skill and flair you would expect from decades of combined experience; hot keyboard rhythm, finger-picking acoustic, heart-pumping drums, and shredding blues riffs are just some of what you can expect at their energy-filled live shows. You won't regret trying their unique mix of home-style fun and professional poise, and you certainly won't be able to forget the non-stop, toe-tapping experience this band has to offer.

Border Line

Border Line's Country Rock is Perfect for a Good Time!

Border Line has been rocking the state of Pennsylvania for just under twenty years with a unique blend of good-old-fashioned and contemporary country, sure to please any music lover. With two original CDs, as well as an award from the Colgate Country Showdown, Border Line has earned its stripes on the country music circuit, and can't wait to be a part of your next festival or event. Four talented musicians make up this solid crew, and their dedication to one another, and the music, really shine through any of their performances; don't miss one of the best country bands in PA!

Broken Spoke

Broken Spoke Delivers Your Favorite Country Hits!

Broken Spoke is one of the finest groups on the Pennsylvania country band cover scene. Their song list is made up from the best hits of all your favorite groups and styles: If the House is Rockin' (Texas Blues), Long Haired Country Boy (Old Fashioned Country), The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Bluegrass) and much, much more! If you're looking to bring the songs you love to life, played by a talented, fun-loving, good-old-fashioned band, you can't go wrong by inviting one of the top country acts in the state to your next event. Stomp your feet, get down, grab a cold one, and definitely call Broken Spoke!


Eastern Pennsylvania's Premier Country Band!

Billing itself as "Eastern Pennsylvania's Premier country band," CrazyHeart blends the hits off the classic country albums with the best in contemporary country and southern rock. The band has the talent, experience, and poise on-stage that make for a great show, every show. If you're looking to get down and have some fun, dancing and shaking it to your favorite music, then this is the band for you. They've played festivals, parties, concerts, you name it; no audience is too big or too small for them to thrill. This is one country band you've got to hear to believe, so don't hesitate!

Double Deuce

Hard Rocking, Boot Stomping Country Music!

Double Deuce is a working, professional band at its best, touring the East, tearing up its share of  "hotels, ballrooms, weddings, and festivals," and thrilling audiences of all sizes. Do you like Kenney Chesney? Lynyrd Skynyrd? Keith Urban? Of course you do. What do you get when you cram all those wondrously hard-rocking, Southern boot-stomping, toe-tapping tunes into one band? A good time. You have to see what all the fuss is about; they use only the finest equipment, and their mix of professionalism and pure fun will leave you humming long after the show is over!

Farmer's Daughter

One of the Best Country Bands in PA!

Farmer's Daughter is a great up-and-coming touring band spreading some of the best southern, country, and rock n roll music around Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. The band plays everything from the country classics, to the tunes topping the contemporary charts; they have excellent vocal talent, steady bass and drums, and fantastic guitar work. You'll love kicking back and having a cold one at their next show. You want to dance? You want to sing along to the songs you love? You want to really let loose for a night? This is the band that's playing the soundtrack to your next good time: don't hesitate to call or check their events schedule!

Heavy Traffic

A Great Wedding Band in Philadelphia!

A four-piece traditional bluegrass band, Heavy Traffic plays at weddings, parties and festivals in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.  If you're looking for a traditional band to put on a top-notch performance at your wedding or party, then Heavy Traffic should definitely be on the top of your list!


On their website, you can listen to their great music off their three CD's, "Live and in Overdrive," "Traffic Jam," and "Live @ the Laughing Burrito."  If you like what you hear, then check out their list of local shows, events and performances, and plan a trip to go see them for yourself!

Marc Silver & the Stonethrowers

Americana & Bluegrass with a Modern Flare!

An Americana/Bluegrass band, Marc Silver & the Stonethrowers is one Philadelphia's top country bands.  As both a solo performer and with the Stonethrowers, Marc Silver has traveled all over the East Coast, playing at iconic venues like the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Club Passim, Cafe Lena, Godfrey Daniels, the Sherman Theater, the World Cafe Live, and much more.


You can listen to his playlist online, and if you like what you hear, then buy one of his four great CD's, "California Avenue," "Naive Lovers," "Past is Prelude," and "Stonethrowers."  You can also take a look at his upcoming shows so you can experience his amazing music live!

Miller's Farm

A Combination of Rural Roots with an Urban Focus!

It may be a surprise that a top-notch country band is located in NYC and Philadelphia, but Miller's Farm is one of the best.  If you're looking for a band that is sometimes laugh-out-loud funny but sometimes bring-a-tear-to-your-eye touching, then Miller's Farm is the band to see!  Telling narratives through their music, Miller's Farm's music is engaging and thoughtful.


Listen to their awesome tunes on their website, and if you enjoy them, then you can purchase one of their three CD's too!  If you are interested in seeing them live in either NYC or Philadelphia, then check out their website for their upcoming shows!

North of Mason-Dixon

Check Out This Hard Workin' Country Band!

Check out North of Mason-Dixon (NOMaD): This hard workin' band has spent the summer playing shows and celebrating the release of their first full length album "Born And Raised". These boys play some of the best country music in Pennsylvania, focusing on the sounds and themes that cemented your favorite country classics, delivered with the modern rock edge so popular on the contemporary scene. They ain't no mere cover band; they're dedicated, talented musicians all, preserving the American spirit in all their new tunes. If you're looking for someone to add to the roster of your next festival, or jam at your next party, NOMaD is just what you've been missing!

Richard Stillman

There's Nothing He Can't Do!

Whether he's performing solo or with a band, Richard Stillman is one of the most talented country artists in Philadelphia.  As a talented performer, Richard Stillman does it all: he acts, sings, plays instruments, dances, tells stories and teaches.


A perfect children's musician for birthday parties and events, Richard Stillman will come to any location near you and put on a private performance! Music lovers of all ages will absolutely love Richard Stillman's passion and talent, so check him out!  See him perform at festivals, theaters, library shows, schools, workshops, and more!

The Fabulous Gunslingers

The Fabulous Gunslingers Specialize in Great Rocking Country Tunes!

The Fabulous Gunslingers are a rocking country outfit from Western Pennsylvania, made up of local talent recently reshuffled into one of the best country music bands you'll find anywhere around. Why hire a DJ to play all the old CDs, when you can have Jason Yuhas on guitar, and Julie Shepard on fiddle, plus the whole crew, give their audience the boot - stomping time of their lives? Bring your favorite hits right to your backyard (or your next festival/event); their emphasis is all on having a good time, and listening to great tunes. If that's what you're up for, don't hesitate to check their availability today!

The Midnight Special Band

Contemporary Country Hits Performed Live For You!

The Midnight Special Band brings non-stop country to you, their talented set of musicians playing all the best contemporary country hits from Taylor Swift, Billy Currington, Montgomery Gentry, and more! This band is tuned to the times - perfect for any party or event where you're looking to relax, get down, sip a brew, and dance with a certain someone. You can't beat their blend of talent and atmosphere, their professionalism never masking the pure charm of their performance. This is one of the best country bands PA has to offer, and they're waiting for your call!

The Ramblin' On Country Band

See them at Your Local Pub!

A traditional and modern country western band serving Philadelphia, the Ramblin' On Country Band is composed of five talented country musicians.  Playing traditional country music, the Ramblin' On Country Band makes music with all types of instruments, including steel guitar, acoustic guitar, fiddle, keyboard, sax and vocals.


Listen to their great country tunes on their website, and check out their schedule of upcoming shows in the Philadelphia area!  See the Ramblin' On Country Band at your local pub, and have an unforgettable time!


Have a Good Time and Great Music With Wildfire

Wildfire is what you might call a "good time band"; the act on the Pennsylvania country music scene most dedicated to providing an engaging, toe-tapping show for its audience, comprised of the best country and rock-and roll hits they know you love. This is a high energy show, no matter what the venue: they'll rock your backyard deck or the main stage at a big festival. This is the band to dance to, to relax to, to drink a beer to, to unwind to. You really do not want to miss the fun of this talented bunch getting down to some great tunes.