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Take Aim and Dont Blink. Stay On Target With These Shooting Ranges Throughout Pennsylvania.

Sport shooting is a huge deal for many Pennsylvanians. Americans love their guns so why not take some time to familiarize yourself with gun safety while you hone your aim at one of our picks for the absolute top shooting ranges in PA.

A & S Indoor Pistol Range

One of the Best PA Shooting Ranges!

A & S Indoor Pistol Range is a premier indoor shooting range in PA that's open to the public! A & S is also a great store! They have all the accessories and cleaning supplies you need, as well as beautiful models of pistols and rifles waiting for you! Their shooting range is built right into their store in Westmoreland County, and features climate control, as well as a sate-of-the-art filtration system. Group rates are available!


All pistol calibers are accepted! Best of all, they have a highly trained staff waiting to instruct you in the use of firearms (or help you brush-up) - they're all NRA Certified! This one of the best shooting ranges in Pennsylvania!


Anthony Arms

A Great Gun Experience For All!

Anthony Arms has been winning a following of devotees through their superior customer service, and wide variety of fire-arms, for over 10 years. Their indoor firing range, located in-store, has been recently renovated, and now offers the best in automatic equipment, with 16 full lanes of gun fun. If you have no experience with fire-arms, their instructors would be happy to teach you! If you're already experienced, then you'll admire their safety and professionalism!


They have a range of fire-arms you'll have to see to believe, and an on-site gunsmith to help you with all your repairs. Whether you're looking to rent or buy, or just try out a new order, the Anthony Arms will show you one of the best shooting ranges in Pennsylvania!


Classic Pistol Indoor Range

Try This Indoor Shooting Range in PA!

Classic Pistol Indoor Range is one of the best indoor shooing ranges in PA. Family owned and operated since 1996, their shooting range uses the very best technology to ensure the safety and fun of their customers. Everything you need, you can find at Classic Pistol: guns to buy or rent, ammunition, gun safes, cleaning supplies, and all other accessories.


If you're a competition shooter, you'll love their facility! If you're looking to learn to protect yourself and your family, they'll teach you! Classic Pistol distinguishes itself above the rest by providing a facility capable of handling "high-powered rifles and shotguns," as well as "pistols of any caliber!"


Freedom Armory, Inc.

A Great Choice for Indoor Shooting Ranges in PA!

Freedom Armory Indoor Shooting Rang is dedicated to teaching gun safety and training to those seeking to hone their skills as sportsmen, and those wishing to learn to protect themselves. Their convenient location off of I-83, as well as their flexible membership arrangements means that it's fun and easy to get started enhancing your knowledge of firearms today! Bring your own ammo, or buy it from the store. They also have rifles, pistols, and sub-machine guns for you to try!


The Freedom Armory Indoor Shooting range holds themselves, and all their members, to the highest standards of safety and etiquette. Whatever your skill level, Freedom Armory is a great choice for indoor shooting ranges in PA!


Palmyra's Sportsmen's Association, Inc.

You'll Love Their Outdoor Range!

Palmyra's Sportsmen's Association has everything you're looking for from a shooting range in PA: wide, open space, facilities for archery, pistols, shotguns, and small-bore rifles, trap and clay shooting, as well as a full, outdoor rifle range. The club is open all day, every day and boasts a comfortable, spacious club house, as well as close proximity to Hershey Park! There are all sorts of events and competitions going on-just ask!


You'll love the exciting challenge of their ranges, and you'll love their dedication to safety even more. Palmyra's Sportmen's Association is the best place to learn about, appreciate, and fire your favorite guns.


Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club

Indoor Shooting Range in Philly!

Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club features a state-of-the-art indoor shooting range that can't be beat in the city! All their booths are steel enclosed, air-conditioned and ventilated, and allow you to use your pistol, rifle, or shotgun (with any caliber ammo you want) on a number of challenging targets! Sign up for class and let one of their NRA-certified instructors teach you gun safety! Memberships are available, and walk-ins are welcome!


Their pro-store has all the accessories you're looking for, and for over 20 years has been providing enthusiasts with everything from pistols to hunting rifles. Buy a gun, and get free safety lessons, as well as two range passes! This really is one of the best indoor shooting ranges in PA!


Pistol People Indoor Shooting Range

Fun and Family-Friendly PA Shooting Range!

Pistol People Indoor Shooting Range is the fun, safe, and family-friendly way for everyone to gain experience with firearms! Each of their nine booths are quipped with a paper target that you can station at the distance that's comfortable for you! Plus they're able to handle most caliber pistols, and small bore rifles! Classes are available for all levels, from the beginner to the novice! This club isn't just for Dad, it's for the whole family


Pistol People guarantees that all all its instructors are "NRA Certified with over 30 years of experience." You'll benefit enormously from their dedication and expertise no matter who you are. Come on down to Bucks County and try one of the best public indoor shooting ranges in PA!



Pocono Pistol Range

Be Sure to Ask About Ladies Night!

The National Association of Shooting Ranges rated the Pocono Pistol Range with five-stars for their dedication to safety and customer service. The equipment at Pocono Pistol is state-of-the-art, but the environment is relaxed; they're comfortable about their love of guns, and you should be too! They offer classes for all skill levels, as well as a ladies only class! They have all sorts of models to rent or buy, and their pro-shop has all the accessories you need!


The range is ope to the public, or you can grab a membership, and become part of the store's family of shooters. This is definitely on of the best shooting ranges in PA, as highlighted on WBRE TV! Be sure to ask them about Ladies Night- the Second Amendment has never been this fun!


Sunset Hill Shooting Range

"The Most Complete Firing Range in the Poconos!"

Sunset Hill Shooting Range bills itself as "the Most Complete Shooting Range in the Poconos" because of the impressive collection of firearms it boasts- from shotguns, to pistols, to rifles, including some of the world's most famous, like the Israeli Uzi, or the .44 Colt Magnum made famous by Dirty Harry Callahan. This is one of the best shooting ranges in PA, and a great place to experience firearms for yourself.


Even more important than the exhilarating thrill of the weapons, is the experience and knowledge you'll gain by learning from their instructors. Rent a gun, or bring your own! If you've ever wondered about firing a gun, but have never tried it, Sunset Hill awaits you!


Targetmaster Indoor Firearm Range

They Have Wonderful Selection!

Targetmaster claims to be the "Premier Indoor Firearm Range & Gun Shop in the Delaware Valley" for a reason; their facility is state-of-the-art, their dedication to safety is paramount, and their selection is sure to fulfill even your wildest gun fantasy! Their range takes pistols, shotguns, and rifles! Classes are offered everyday, including beginner training for novices, and advice for experts to brush-up. Discounts are available for groups!


Best of all, there are a number of different membership options that are sure to fit anyone's budget. this makes a great gift for a birthday or the holidays! They'll pay cash for your unwanted guns! Try this shooting range in PA!