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Grab a Flashlight and Explore Some Of The Most Mysterious Caves and Caverns in Pennsylvania!

If you are itching for an explorative adventure why don't you try spelunking in one of the many caves and caverns the great state of PA has to offer?

Historic Crystal Cave

The Most Popular Natural Attraction in PA!

 Great for all ages, this underground crystal mine near Kutztown PA is an educational and fun place to visit. Marvel at the natural beauty of the rock formations that have made Crystal Cave Park famous, including The Giant's Tooth, The Indian Head, and The Crystal Ballroom. Guides will bring you through Pennsylvania's oldest operating cave to show you millions of tiny crystals, frozen waterfalls and huge stalactites and stalagmites.


Make it a day trip and check out Crystal Cave Park's other attractions - play miniature golf on their unique course, pan for gemstones in the sluice, or take a break and visit the ice cream parlor and restaurant. Open from March to November this Pennsylvania crystal mine is a wonder to behold!


See their full page listing to find out more information on the coolest cave in PA!

Indian Caverns

World Famous Cavern in Pennsylvania!

A Pennsylvania cavern rich in Native American history, this attraction has something for everyone. Indian Cavern is nestled among Pennsylvania's beautiful Allegheny Mountains and is the largest limestone cavern in Pennsylvania. The nearly mile-long guided tour of these "living" caves takes visitors through numerous huge caverns and long passageways.

Electric lighting and a gravel path make the tour an easy walk for seniors and children alike. Fun and educational activities are available for the family, and group rates are available. Indian Cavern is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, and Saturdays and Sundays in April, May, September and October.

Indian Echo Caverns

One of the Most Visited Attractions in the Eastern US!

Originally used by the Susquehannock Indians as a shelter from bad weather, these naturally formed limestone caverns in Pennsylvania have been delighting visitors for decades. Bring your camera to photograph the majestic rock formations, vaulting ceilings and crystal lakes. Pan for gems in their old style Gem Mill Junction where visitors can discover gemstones, jasper, chunks of amethyst, agate, and more!

Great for kids, Indian Echo Caverns also offers a petting zoo, a playground, and a picnic area. Open year-round except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day this PA cavern is a fascinating place to visit.

Lackawanna Coal Mine

An Intriguing and Exciting Pennsylvania Coal Mine!

For a great day out visit this Eastern PA mine. Take the mine tour to explore 300 feet beneath the earth. Learn about the mine, types of coal, and facts about the hard coal-mining life from a miner who will accompany you in your journey. Learn about the history of mines in Pennsylvania through exhibits of mining tools, video presentations and photo-mural exhibits.


Be sure to check out the rare and unusual gifts for sale in the mine store before heading out to McDade Park for an afternoon of recreation and natural beauty. The Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour is open from April 1st through November 30th, and is closed on Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving Day. 

Laurel Caverns

Huge Geological Caverns in PA are Waiting for You!

Located beneath a 435 acre geological park, Laurel Caverns offers 1-hour cave tours leaving every twenty minutes. For the more adventurous visitors rappelling and three-hour spelunking tours are also available within this enormous PA cave.


A wonderful place to go with the family or a group of friends, the other attractions of Laurel Caverns include Kavernputt mini golf, a covered picnic area, an informative visitors center and an extensive gift shop. A great cavern to visit in PA, Laurel Caverns is open seven days a week, May 1st through October 31st.

Lincoln Caverns & Whisper Rocks

Beautiful Crystal Caverns in Pennsylvania!

Explore one of Pennsylvania's finest examples of naturally formed caverns as you take the one-hour tour through the winding passageways, past towering stalactites and beautiful crystals of Lincoln Caverns! Tours leave regularly March through November, and by appointment on December through February.

In addition to your tour you can pan for gems in the sluice, shop in the gift shop, or walk along beautiful nature trails surrounding Lincoln Cavern. Check out the events calendar to find exciting tours, educational events, and themed days throughout the year at this exciting PA cave.

Lost River Caverns

Beautiful Caverns in PA!

Discovered in 1883, Lost River Caverns is a natural underground paradise. With many limestone chambers that have served a variety of uses in recent history, Lost River has captivated visitors for more than 100 years. Amateur photographers will want to check out the fantastic underground caverns and the beautiful clear water of the Lost River.


Be sure to check out the gift shop where unique handmade jewelry is available, as well as precious stones and other souvenirs of your visit. Open year-round except for select holidays, this is a great and affordable place to visit. Lost River Caverns truly stands out among Pennsylvania caverns.

Penn's Cave & Wildlife Park

Pennsylvania has America's Only All-Water Cavern!

Penn's Cave and Wildlife Park has much to offer adventurers and nature lovers alike. With 1,500 acres of forest and fields, this Pennsylvania cave and park is home to bears, wolves, bobcats, bison, cougars, and a host of other birds and mammals.

Take the 90-minute wildlife tour outdoors, and then head beneath the earth for the hour-long motorboat tour along an underground stream. As you float through the limestone corridors past the gorgeous natural formations of stalagmites, stalactites and flowstone, keep an eye out for cave trout which will jump for feed! Penn's Cave has it all, including a famous legend about forbidden love between an Indian maiden and a French trapper. Open year-round at affordable rates, this is one of the most enthralling underground caverns in PA!

Pioneer Tunnel Coal & Steam Train

One of the Most Historic Mines to Visit in PA

This old anthracite mine gives visitors a first-hand view of what mining was like in the 1800's. Ride the steam train around the outside of Mahoney Mountain or go directly under it on the mine tour. Take a thrilling 1,800-foot ride down into Mahoney Mountain where a mine guide will tell you the history of Pioneer Tunnel Coal mine.


Visit the gift shop where you can buy mine memorabilia and novelties to commemorate your trip. Open yearly from April to October, this is a great place to have fun in Pennsylvania!


Woodward Cave

Visit One of the Largest Caverns in Pennsylvania!

Take a scenic cave tour and visit the famed rooms of Woodward Cave, including The Hanging Forest (displaying excellent examples of flow stone and a huge collection of stalactites), the Dragon's Den Room (where you can see rare helictites and cave coral) and the Hall of Statues which includes the largest free standing stalagmite in Pennsylvania! These awesome examples of natural formations make this one of the best caves to visit in PA!


The one-hour tour is great for families or educational groups. Children will be delighted to observe hibernating bats among the ceilings of some caverns. Open April to October, Woodward Cave has a campground and cabins nearby for those interested in a longer stay.