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Wander Off The Beaten Path and Get in Touch with Nature on These Beautiful Hiking Trails in Pennsylvania!

Is work stressing you out? Unwind with a relaxing walk on the most goreous hiking trails in PA. Or if you are looking for a challenging hike there are tons of options for a great day out in the beauty of nature. 

Colonel Denning State Park

See The Beautiful View On The Flat Rock Trail!

There are two reasons why Colonel Denning State Park offers some of the best hiking trails in Pennsylvania. The first has to do with the eighteen miles of trails contained within the actual park itself, the beautiful routes that lead your through the trees by the moving water. These are a great hike for beginners and experts alike, depending on which area you start at (pick up a trail map at the park office). The second has to do with the Flat Rock Trail, which, though short (two and a half miles) leads you up to one of the most breath taking views in the state on top of Flat Rock. Whether you're an avid hiker or not, if you're looking for a great weekend activity, we strongly recommend the Flat Rock trail. 

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Through the Valley and Up The Mountains at DWG!

 The Delaware Water Gap offers you all sorts of options for hiking in Pennsylvania. As you walk the valley close to the Delaware River, become one with the thriving and ecologically diverse wildlife around you as birds, fish, squirrels, groundhogs, birds, deer, and more, go on with their lives as you hike. If you want to go for altitude, there's always Mt. Minsi or 27 miles of the Appalachian Trail for you to explore. You're in good company: thousands flock here every year for some of the best hiking in the country, and these mountains have been explored for over 200 years. Don't hesitate to try it out; no matter what your skill level, you'll find a trail in the Delaware River gap for you.  

Donut Hole Trail

Some of the Most Challenging and Rewarding Hiking in PA!

Donut Hole Trail is a hiking and backpacking adventure for the serious hiker in Pennsylvania looking to challenge himself. Do not be fooled by its delicious and potentially misleading name: this is 81 miles of beautiful, lonely, remote, and difficult Central Pennsylvania forest. That said, hiking it is also one of the most rewarding experiences that the state has to offer, and thousands of hikers tackle its routes every year. Contemplation, peace, and freedom, await you amidst the trees and the banks of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.Our advice: be careful, and have fun. 

Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail

One of the Best Hiking Trails PA Has To Offer!

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail is one of the best in the state, stretching 70 miles through state parks, hunting ground, and forestland. The LHHT is sure to please any hiker, whether they're looking to leisurely stroll through a few miles of the official trail, or they want to explore it through mile 70. This is an excellent opportunity to see and appreciate the natural beauty of Pennsylvania, and is well worth the trip. Pets are permitted, the trail is clearly marked, and emergency provisions in place make sure that your next hike is both safe and enjoyable. If you're looking for a great place to hike in the state, you can't go wrong by braving the LHHT.   

Mount Davis Natural Area

Hike Mount Davis in PA For a Beautiful View!

The Mount Davis Natural Area is a beautiful place for hiking in Central Pennsylvania. Maintained by the Forestry Bureau, and frequented each year by thousands of hikers from all across the state, Mount Davis features a trail through lush shrubbery and forest to the highest point in PA. This is certainly one of the best one day hikes in the state (no backpacking or camping necessary) and is the perfect activity for those looking to get out, get active, and see some beautiful Pennsylvania wilderness. From the peak of Mount Davis you can see all the way to Maryland, and the view alone is worth the trip.

Raccoon Creek State Park

Choose Your Own Path at Raccoon Creek!

The trails at Raccoon Creek State Park provide a customizable system of loops, fit for either the casual walker for the day, or the serious backpacker/ hiker looking for a real challenge. In any case, the forest land is lush and beautiful, perfect for exploration and contemplation. Try the Palomino trail, and take a stroll down a mile of easily walk-able paths for beginners, or test yourself on the Heritage Trail, with some of the most difficult terrain in the park. Whatever you choose, you're sure to enjoy the peace and calm of the forest, and the engrossing natural scene all around you.

The Baker Trail

Hike Down One of PA's Most Famous Trails!

Known as The Baker Trail, this 141 mile trail in Western Pennsylvania stretches through state parkland, public forest, and private property. This a trail for serious hikers, people who know how to respectfully handle camping, pacing themselves, and appreciating, as they walk, the effort of conservancy that goes in to saving Pennsylvania's beautiful wilderness. If you're willing to make a commitment to this trail, and take it through to the last mile, it will pay you dividends in memory, and respect for our environment. However you take it, it's one of the best hiking trails in Pennsylvania, period. 

The Gerard Hiking Trail

Hike in Pennsylvania Through Historic Oil Creek State Park!

The Gerard Hiking Trail at Oil Creek State Park encompasses the whole of this richly historic and ecologically vibrant park. Oil Creek still has standing derricks, and barrels in barges, to remind us of when the oil boom created a new industry in Western Pennsylvania virtually overnight. In the hiking and backpacking world, however, Oil Creek is known more known for its lush trails, and splendid terrain, than its historical tradition. Take the time to explore these 36 wonderful miles marked by dense forest in some places, and waterfalls in others. Easy parking and camping for convenience make this trail in PA, a must stop for any serious hiker.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

One of the Best Destinations for Hiking in Pennsylvania!

Though some might think of Valley Forge National Historical Park as a destination for history buffs, you'll find that it's a wonderful destination for hiking in Pennsylvania. The park has more than enough trails to keep even an avid hiker busy, each different section showing another side of the park's immense, preserved beauty. Walk the Schuylkill River Trail for a view of the flowing water, or take a footpath through the dense forest between the trees. Don't let the careful preservation go to waste -- take advantage of it today! Bring a friend or loved one, and experience the natural majesty for yourself.

Wildwood Park

A Beautiful Trail Close To Home!

Not every great hiking trail in Pennsylvania is through the mountainous wilderness; Wildwood Park is an excellent destination for those looking to get some exercise out in the preserved natural land of PA, but don't want to camp, or venture too far from home. You'll see wildlife, you'll hike through beautiful preserved trails, you'll experience the wonder and tranquility of contemplation amidst the trees and the water, but you won't be more than a short drive from the capitol. Wildwood Park is great for beginners and weekend warriors, and is worth a trip no matter what your level of hiking experience.