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summer camps for kids in pa

Find the most fun summer camps for kids in PA. Search all types of camps for kids in Pennsylvania.

The Mill Ballet School Summer Dance Program

The Mill Ballet School offers programs throughout the year. They offer a “year program” which begins in September and ends in May for school age students. For preschool students, the school offer seasonal sessions. In addition, the school offers summer classes, camps, workshops, and intensives. We have a dance program or class for you regardless of your age or skill level. All programs are directed by Melissa Roxey and instructed by highly educated professionals in the field. The school in collaboration with Roxey Ballet Company offers off-sight classes, workshops, and residencies.

Camp Tioga

One of the Best Summer Camps for Kids in PA!

Camp Tioga is a fantastic sleep-away summer camp for kids in Pennsylvania. The focus at Camp Tioga is on supervision, (staff to child ratio is usually kept at below 3:1) so you can be sure that your children are well taken care of by responsible counselors while they're busy playing the months away with their peers. Some of benefits your children will enjoy are: air conditioned bunks, weekly trips, structured activities, three square meals per day, the company of kids their own age, and the care of an experienced and nurturing staff. Summer camp is a great way to give your children some independence, while being assured of their safety and enjoyment at the same time. If you've been thinking about camp, or you're looking for an even better summer program, give Camp Tioga a try!

Camp Woodward

Check Out Camp Woodward's State-of-the-Art Facility!

 Camp Woodward is a youth sports camp located in beautiful Central Pennsylvania, featuring an enormous state of the art facility that can handle any activity your child is interested in. There's a gym and cheer instruction facility, a focus in digital media for young kids looking for experience in photography and video editing, action sports for snowboarders, skiers, skaters, and bikers, not to mention all the standard summer camp fun of swimming, Frisbee, horseback riding, arts and crafts, and much, much more. This is a one of a kind summer camp for kids in Pennsylvania, so don't miss out on an opportunity your child will never forget!   

ESF Summer Camp

Activities and Fun Times Abound!

ESF (Education, Sports, and Fun) Philadelphia summer camps is an institution with a number of programs available. Ranging from ages three to fifteen, there's a good fit for every child. Whether you want your kids to focus on sports or education, you'll be satisfied with ESF's extensive curriculum. 


Most summer camps in Philadelphia don't offer nearly as much freedom as ESF does, taking care of, and teaching your children from 9 AM to 3 PM every single week day. If you want your children to be active this summer, send them to ESF. 

Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Have a kid who doesn't want to go to the average Philadelphia summer camps? Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center offers an extensive dancing program, spanning the majority of the summer weeks. Boys and girls will learn a variety of dance styles, ranging from jazz, modern, hip-hop, and more. 


For those more serious about dance, many extensive programs are available, teaching you the advanced techniques in a short amount of time. Camp is also available in full day or half day sessions, making it a perfect choice for those with limited schedules. 

Island Lake Sports & Arts Center

Spend the Summer Doing What You Love Best!

 Island Lake Sports and Arts Center allows your child to spend the summer focusing on the activities that they are most interested in; they’ll learn to grow, interact with others, and nurture the skills that will develop them into well-rounded young men and women. Camp is structured around a series of “majors” and “minors” that your child picks for themself, “majors” like: theater, tennis, arts & crafts, video editing, biking, science, and more. This is one of the best summer camps for kids PA has to offer - you can’t go wrong with the guidance of a caring staff, good friends, and engrossing activities all summer long.

PAFA Fundamentals Art Camps

A Creative Way to Enjoy the Summer. 

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts offers one of the finest summer camps in Philadelphia, offering your kids a fun and relaxing way to spend their summer. Children will paint, visit art studios around the city, make new friends, and more.


Most Philadelphia summer camps don't teach your children, but at PAFA you will see the result of their work at weekly exhibitions put on by the camp. Parents are encouraged to come and should do so, as they'll be amazed by the products of their children's imagination. 

Penn Charter Summer Camps

An Experience That Your Children Are Unlikely to Forget. 

One of the few seven day summer camps in Philadelphia, Penn Charter offers a variety of activites for your children to partake in. From sports, dance, art, games, and more, your child is guranteed to have a blast at Penn Charter. There's also science camp for the kids to learn the sciences, as well as a money camp, teaching them how to save money.


Penn Charter is the largest out of all the Philadelphia Summer Camps, offering individual camps for each and every area of concentration that they offer. Whether your kids want to be a detective or a musician, Penn Charter has you covered. 

Performing Arts Camp

Let Your Kids Act the Summer Away.

If you're looking through Philadelphia summer camps in hopes of letting your children practice thier love of acting, then look no further. Held by the Performing Arts Office every summer, there's no better camp in the area for teaching your kids the art of acting. 


Many summer camps in Philadelphia will let your kids have fun, but at the sake of learning. Performing Arts camp will let your kids do both, ensuring that they have a well-rounded and good time. Camp hours are from 9AM to 2PM, Monday to Friday. 

Pine Forest Camp

One of Pennsylvania's Favorite Summer Camps for Kids!

Pine Forest Camp is an excellent sleep-away summer camp in Greeley, Pennsylvania. What sets Pine Forest apart from other programs, is the way they allow your child to choose their own activities, while at the same time making sure that the structure of each day allows your child to learn, grow, and, most importantly, have fun. Where other camps have specific focuses, Pine Forest excels at sports, like basket ball and football, arts, like painting and photography, adventure, like hiking and biking, and aquatics like swimming and kayaking. If you want to give your child the chance to exert a little independence, enjoy the company of kids their own age, and focus in on the things they love to do, then you need to check out Pine Forest Summer Camp!

The Ballibay Camp

One of the Best Summer Camps PA Has To Offer!

 The Ballibay Camps have been providing young, artistic children with a place for artistic expression and peer interaction, since 1964. The camp is divided into exciting programs like the Theatre Workshop, the Arts Camp, The Rock Farm, and The Endless Mountains Dance Camp during the day, all with their individual focus on a particular art form, and come together at night to form one, big community of about 200 kids. The experiences your child will have, surrounded by other artistic children, able to express thoughts and work to a sensitive and caring staff, are invaluable – isn’t it time you called one of the best summer camps PA has to offer?