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Penn Charter Summer Camps

Penn Charter Summer Camps

An Experience That Your Children Are Unlikely to Forget. 

One of the few seven day summer camps in Philadelphia, Penn Charter offers a variety of activites for your children to partake in. From sports, dance, art, games, and more, your child is guranteed to have a blast at Penn Charter. There's also science camp for the kids to learn the sciences, as well as a money camp, teaching them how to save money.


Penn Charter is the largest out of all the Philadelphia Summer Camps, offering individual camps for each and every area of concentration that they offer. Whether your kids want to be a detective or a musician, Penn Charter has you covered. 

Location: 3000 West School House Lane, Philadelphia, PA, 19144
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 215-844-3460
Counties Served:
3000 West School House Lane, Philadelphia, PA, 19144