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Get on the Lake and Ride the Wave at One of These Jet Ski and Wave Runner Rental Locations in Pennsylvania!

If you are a beginner or a veteran to extreme water sports these locations are the perfect place to rent a jet ski, wave runner and much more to get on the lake and start ripping it up for a exhilerating day in PA.

Nolt Ventures Poconos Boat Rentals

Experience the waters in style and flair

 This fantastic Double Jet Ski Experience allows you and someone special the chance to ride one of three powerful Jet machines. Learn how to ride with this Jet skiing company in PA with your choice of vehicle where you can take full throttle guaranteeing an adrenaline pumped hour, taking to the waters under the watchful eye of your professional instructor, all tuition, wetsuits & buoyancy aids provided.


Once you have been issued a wet suit and buoyancy aid you shall be given a safety briefing by a qualified instructor. Then you progress through to the pre - launch area where you shall be given a brief on the ski area with instruction on each machine and course direction. Then you progress onto the water for the session, completing half an hour of fun filled activity and then back to the beach to wipe that huge grin off your face.

Port Erie Sports

Looking for the adventurous place to spend a hot summer day with Family!

 What a fantastic way to explore and experience Jet Skiing in Pennsylvania. After your extraordinary first day on the water, you will have an opportunity to enjoy a fun filled night at the Bayfront Parkway of Erie City. This isn't your grandmother's bus. If you like the thrill of rolling the dice at the craps table or going all in during a poker game, you will love the excitement of Pennsylvania City Jet Ski trip.


No boater’s license required, operator must be 16 with ID and parental consent for all minors. This is a place where the whole family can go and enjoy a fantastic day out on the water. There is so much to do here.

The Boat Shop

Looking for a fun way to spend your day at the shore?  Great fun for the whole family in Jet Skiing!

 Sometimes odd combos end up going the best together, and for some reason jet-skiing and Thai cuisine just work. Jet Skiing in Pennsylvania is home to an aquatic playground of fun and adventure. Whether you sail above the coast on a parasailing excursion, drop in on a surfing session, or ride the currents with a variety of boating activities, getting on the water is never a problem.


So paddle, sail, cruise, swim, or walk out on beautiful waters and start living the life, aquatic-style.