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One World Tribe

One World Tribe

One of the Great Hip-Hop Bands in PA!

Performing since 1994, One World Tribe covers music by such artists as Bob Marley, Santana, Ruben Blades, The Meters, and Stevie Wonder.  Over time, the band has also included many original tunes.  Based in Erie, the Pennsylvania hip-hop band has expanded its fan base to places like Pittsburgh and surrounding areas of Northwestern PA, Buffalo, NY, and Upstate NY.

The band encompasses multiple genres of music like hip-hop, reggae, soul, funk, jazz, salsa, and African pop.  One World Tribe is available to perform at clubs, events, concerts, festivals, and workshops. 

Location: 5333 Washington Street, Erie, PA, 16509
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 412-877-4224
Counties Served:
5333 Washington Street, Erie, PA, 16509