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Caln Skating Center

Caln Skating Center

As the snow falls, people come towards!

Though ice skating might not be the first thing you think of when you consider the phrase ‘Pennsylvania in winter’, in reality you don’t have to go that far to hit the ice and enjoy one of winter’s most exhilarating activities. Ice skating in Pennsylvania makes this game more exciting.


All this excitement may not necessarily result in the creation of an army of young, inspired figure skaters, but it’s definitely going to bring a spike in the number of people taking to the ice for some good old-fashioned fun with some new twists. Athletes can specialize and compete in many different ice skating events, including figure skating and speed skating. 

Location: 4533 West Lincoln Highway, Thorndale, PA, 19335
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Phone: 610-269-0619
Counties Served:
4533 West Lincoln Highway, Thorndale, PA, 19335