Moving to Pennsylvania: 4 Top Tips

Picking Pennsylvania as your home state is a great idea. Not only is it home to some of the best sports teams, including the Phillies, Eagles, and Pirates, but it also has plenty of outdoor activities on offer thanks to the endless natural beauty. In Pennsylvania, you will discover mountains, forests, rivers, and much more. Plus, if you want to enjoy some nightlife, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg will show you a good time!

To help you find the right place in Pennsylvania and to make the move a lot easier, use the following four top tips for relocating.

1: Research the Best Neighborhoods

Pennsylvania is home to a wide variety of towns and cities, including bustling Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, as well as the beautiful natural scenery of Presque Isle State Park and Ricketts Glen State Park. You’ll find many friendly neighborhoods all throughout the state, so do your research before picking an area.

Of course, the best Pennsylvania neighborhood for you is entirely personal. You might want a bustling city. In this case, Philadelphia might be ideal. Local builders are constantly re-developing and improving the neighborhoods in Philia. Grays Ferry ia one such affordable up and comig neighborhood as is Point Breeze which is just a few miles south of South Street. See a complete list of Philia neighborhoods.

You may prefer a quieter area to raise a family, which might mean a smaller town like Lemont or Radnor Township.

2: Declutter First

So, you’ve found your perfect home in a new Pennsylvania area. What next? Before moving, it’s important to declutter your items first – especially if you want a fresh start! The last thing you want is to drag all your old, forgotten items you no longer need to a new neighborhood. So, before you move, go through each room, decluttering as you go. If you are moving to the city of Brotherly Love (Philia), you have some great local options to help you declutter. To make decluttering easier, use a Junk Removal Company in Philadelphia to get rid of your excess trash. The chances are, when decluttering for a move, you’ll have more than the general garbage collector will take!

3: Check Out the Local Amenities

Once you have arrived at your new home, it’s time to check out the surrounding area. Your priority is looking at the local amenities. Where is your nearest store? Which gym is best in the local area? The best way to get an idea for a place is to get in your car and drive around, taking everything in. Of course, researching the best places online can help, too.

Once you’ve located the local stores, gyms, restaurants, and bars, you can look further afield at the best natural beauty in the area. Pennsylvania has a lot of awesome attractions, so don’t miss out!

4: Get to Know Your Neighbors

Did you know that Pennsylvania ranked 17th in the friendliest states of America? The people of Pennsylvania are incredibly diverse, with a mix of laid-back folks and those who like to party. That means the chances are you’ll have some neighbors you get along with! After moving in, make it your mission to introduce yourself to the people who live nearby. This is especially important if you’re moving somewhere you don’t know anyone. You might just make some new friends before you know it.