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Center City Opera Theater

Center City Opera Theater

Creating New Performances Annually!

Dedicated to not only bringing you the finest canonized operas, Center City Opera Theater strives to bring new and interesting operas to the stage. Evening shows begin at 8 pm and afternoon shows start at 2 pm. Purchasing a ticket beforehand grants you access to the pre-performance talks to learn more about the show before watching it!


The three relatively newer shows are Creative traditions, La Traviota, and Satan's Bride shown in November, May, and June respectively. Center City Opera Theater has affordable pricing and all shows are shown at Prince Music Theater. So if you're ready to see some new opera you've yet to experience, grab a ticket and head on over to Center City Opera Theater!

Location: 600 Chestnut Street #772, Philadelphia, PA, 19106
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 215-238-1555
Counties Served:
600 Chestnut Street #772, Philadelphia, PA, 19106