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Tria Cafe

Tria Cafe

Calling All Wine Lovers!

Philadelphia's destination for wine, beer and cheese lovers, Tria Cafe is the perfect social hang out with wine and snacks.  The menu consists of 26 wines with personality, a dozen cheeses, and 10 great beers.  With a bunch of different locations all over Philadelphia, you are sure to fine a Tria location right near you!


Dedicated to wine, the wine experts at Tria will not only serve you, but will give you some great wine knowledge and advice.  For an unforgettable wine experience, stop by at one of Tria's locations for some great fun and delicious food and drinks!

Location: 3131 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 215-222-2422
Counties Served:
3131 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104