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Lantern Theater Company

Lantern Theater Company

Performances that the Audience can Participate in!

Committed to the authentic and intimate exploration of humans, the Lantern Theater Company presents a variety of classical, modern and original performances.  Through three core programs - Mainstage Productions, In Conversation and Illumination - the Lantern Theater Company engages the audience and educates its viewers about artistic and social issues.


Seeing one of their inspiring performances is a must, so check out their list of shows and events and book your tickets today!  Not only do they offer wonderful performances, but they also offer educational theater classes and some great career opportunities.  Get involved in Philadelphia's theater culture - see a performance by Lantern!

Location: 10th & Ludlow Streets, Philadelphia, PA, 19107
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 215-829-0395
Counties Served:
10th & Ludlow Streets, Philadelphia, PA, 19107