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Philly Re-enactments

Calling all history buffs!  This comprehensive guide lists all the best historical reenactment in Philadelphia!  Close the history books - you can get a real-life view of Philadelphia history at these awesome Philadelphia re-enactments!

71st PA Volunteer Infantry Reenactment

Come See Them Honor, Educate & Recreate History!

Run like an army regiment of 1861, the 71st PA Volunteer Infantry Reenactment strives to authenticate their Civil War military impression.  From 12 - 15,000 participants, this top-notch Philadelphia re-enactment group consists of a group of dedicated history-loving people who wish to share their love of history with others.


Not only do they do reenactments, they do living history presentations, living histories, community events and lectures, classroom lecture, parades, historical society lectures, and more.  With numerous events scheduled throughout the year, be sure not to miss their exciting and inspiring historic shows!

Historic Philadelphia

Reenactments, Storytelling & History!

If you're looking to have a fun-filled day complete with history and reenactments, then Historic Philadelphia's Once Upon a Nation is the place to go!  You will bump into all of your favorite historical characters, you will be able to stop in at the Betsy Ross House, and you will be able to experience history first-hand!


Offering a wide variety of activities and events for history lovers of all ages, Historic Philadelphia is sure to enlighten you on the history of the great city of Philadelphia.  You can plan an informative tour, or just walk around on your own - no matter what, you'll have a blast!