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Theater Company in Philly

If you're a fan of theater productions, then look here for the best theater companies in Philadelphia to see a top-notch performance!  Likewise, if you're an actor or actress looking to make it big, then look here for the best Philadelphia theater companies that will make you a star!

1812 Productions

Philadelphia's All-Comedy Theater Company!

Dedicated to producing theatrical works of comedy, 1812 Productions wishes to promote a sense of community, history and humanity.  Founded by two long-time artistic friends, 1812 Productions has become a product of their creativity, comedy, and ability to create something out of nothing.


Their past productions include "Why I'm Scared of Dance by Jen Childs," "Let's Pretend We're Married," and much more.  Their hilarious performances have been making audiences laughing for year.  Grab your friends, and head over to 1812 Productions to see a show that you're sure to never forget!

Flashpoint Theatre Company

Experience the Flashpoint of Theater!

In producing provocative and emotionally resonant works of theater, the Flashpoint Theatre Company gives voice to a diverse group of emerging artists.  Past performances have staged productions by David Sedaris, Keith Bunin, and 100 new and emerging theater artists in Philadelphia. Providing laughs and thrills, Flashpoint's productions are sure to keep you entertained.


In addition to seeing one of their unforgettable plays, make sure to stop in at one of their many events, including brew fests and other types of fun parties!  If you're looking for a theater company that produces different and unique shows, then Flashpoint is definitely the theater company in Philly for you!

Lantern Theater Company

Performances that the Audience can Participate in!

Committed to the authentic and intimate exploration of humans, the Lantern Theater Company presents a variety of classical, modern and original performances.  Through three core programs - Mainstage Productions, In Conversation and Illumination - the Lantern Theater Company engages the audience and educates its viewers about artistic and social issues.


Seeing one of their inspiring performances is a must, so check out their list of shows and events and book your tickets today!  Not only do they offer wonderful performances, but they also offer educational theater classes and some great career opportunities.  Get involved in Philadelphia's theater culture - see a performance by Lantern!

Mauckingbird Theater Company

A Daring & Inspirational Theater Company!

Committed to producing professional gay-themed theater, the Mauckingbird Theater Company explores classic literature and musical genres in order to produce unique and inspirational shows.  Having produced dozens of performances, the Mauckingbird Theater Company has presented such works as the Misanthrope, Romeo and Juliet, Never the Sinner, a Midsummer Night's Dream, and much more.


Not only can you see one of their wonderful and touching performances, you can have the opportunity to act in them too!  See their website for more information about obtaining tickets and maybe even a spot on the cast!

Philadelphia Theatre Company

Philadelphia's Theater Mecca!

Devoted to present entertaining and imaginative contemporary theater, the Philadelphia Theatre Company ignites the intellect and touches the soul with their performances.  Among the many world premieres that were produced by the Philadelphia Theater Company are Golden Age, Unusual Acts of Devotion, Some Men, Master Class, and more.


Not only can you view the Philadelphia Theatre Company's unforgettable performances, but you can get involved too!  They offer a variety of camps and classes, community outreach programs, school programs, and career development.  For all things involving theater in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Theatre Company is the place to go!