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rock climbing in philly

Philadelphia Rock Climbing is one of the most exciting activities that you and your family can do together. If you're looking for something that is both adventurous and fun, look no further then this list of Rock Climbing Philadelphia. 

Climbnasium Inc.

One of the Best Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms in Pennsylvania!

The Climbnasium has an excellent facility, with great courses for anyone, beginners and experts alike. Whether you're in the mood to try a top-rope climb to forty feet straight up, or you want to spend some time bouldering, the gym is sure to have all of the equipment and instruction you need. Kids have all the fun: their scout merit badges, birthday parties, and the youth climbing team make this a great after-school or weekend activity. Now is the time to get in shape (and nothing works your body out quite like pulling yourself up a rock wall) and have some fun at the Climbnasium. 

David Pottruck Health and Fitness Center

Great for Students and the Community. 

The Gym available at the University of Pennsylvania is not only open to students of the school, but to all members of the surrounding area. The five dollar day pass makes this one of the cheapest in Philadelphia rock climbing. For those who find themselves in love with the sport, there's also a year pass available for a cool hundred bucks. 


David Pottruck Health and Fitness center is still a great place to bring your kids despite being located on a university. With instructors who are more than willing to help, and paid classes that are available, those of all skill levels are welcome. 

Doylestown Rock Gym

Some of the Best Indoor Rock Climbing in PA!

The Doylestown Rock Gym in Bucks County offers kids and adults the chance to get in shape, and participate in an activity that's getting more and more popular every year across the country. Their services include training and instruction from their staff, as well as equipment rentals; if you know what you're doing and you have your own stuff, you can simply pick up a day pass, and go to it yourself. They have fun, challenging courses, as well as an awesome pro shop where you'll be able to upgrade your gear. If you love rock climbing, or have always wanted to check it out, don't miss this opportunity in the Northern Philadelphia Area. 

Drexel University Recreation Center

Climb Some Crag. 

Drexel University plays host to one of the most welcoming environments in Philadelphia rock climbing. With patient and experienced teachers, both you and your children will be experienced wall climbers in no time. 


The only way you'll be able to see portion of  rock climbing Philadelphia is through the university's training program, which is available for twenty dollars. While the hours you're able to use this rock wall may be severely limited, it's still a great location for children to learn on.

Go Vertical

The Only Rock Climbing Gym in Philadelphia.

Go Vertical features over twenty different rock climbing routes that are changing each and every week. With walls that vary in size from small to large, this is the best of Philadelphia rock climbing. Let your kids take on the beginner course while you test yourself and try to tackle the 50 foot wall.


The gym is well lit, complete with air conditioning/heat, and plenty of free parking. Also, the floor of the gym is made out of high-tech foam that is both inviting and comforting for children. Whether you're an enthusiast rock climber or just looking for a weekend getaway, you won't be disappointed with the rock climbing Philadelphia has to offer. 

North Summit Climbing Gym

Some of the Best Indoor Rock Climbing PA Has To Offer!

If you're a fan of indoor rock climbing in PA, then you have to try the North Summit Climbing Gym. They're equipped to handle leadclimbing, bouldering, and top-rope climbing,  at any difficulty level. This is a great gym for beginners with easy courses, and a friendly staff waiting to assist, but experts won't want for any fun here either - they have more than enough challenges in store for even the most experienced indoor rock climber. If you want to see the pros in action, don't forget to visit their annual Freakshow competition, where you'll see all the best climbers in the area monkey around for cash. Who knows? You may be inspired to give it a try yourself.

Optimal Gym

Fun that Will Keep You in Shape. 

 Optimal Gym is a fitness center, but it also is equipped with a rock climb wall that provides a great workout. It's never too early to teach your children the lesson of staying in shape, and with fun activities like a rock wall available it'll be easier than ever.


Philadelphia rock climbing isn't always readily available, and the convenience of having one in your very own gym goes a long way. Rock Climbing in Philadelphia has never been easier, don't wait any longer to begin on the path of physical fitness. 

Philadelphia Rock Gyms

Rock Climbing Has Never Been More Fun. 

One of the only rock climbing Philadelphia gyms, Philadelphia Rock Gyms offers an experience that is solely dedicated to rock climbing. There's a variety of pricing options available, from affordable day passes that are discounted for students, to multi-climb packages for bigger parties.


Philadelphia rock climbing is done with a twist at this gym, featuring multiple exercises that gets larger parties involved. There's also a climbing school available, allowing those with no experience to jump right in. So bring your kids and get started today! 

The Climbing Wall

Pittsburgh's Premier Indoor Rock Climbing Center!

The Climbing Wall strives to provide their community with a place to learn and practice the sport of rock-climbing, a chance to get in on great fun, and great exercise, in a safe environment manned by the people who know indoor rock climbing best. This facility is just plain big, with over 14,000 square feet for you to climb on. What you'll like best, however, is the easy atmosphere of the gym: if you don't know how to do it, they'll teach you. If you do know what you're doing, they'll just encourage. You can't beat their equipment, their size, or their attitude. If you've always wanted to try rock climbing, or you thought you'd have to put it on hold in Central PA, then you need to check out this gym!