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Metal Bands in Philly

From black to thrash, our guide to metal bands in Philadelphia will definitely have what you are looking for. From some of the heaviest rocking bands to some easier listening, our list has what you want!


Melodic Harmonies and Creative Orchestration

A brutal thrash metal band with incomparable speed, Assayer has been wowing its fans in the tri-state area. Forming in 2008, after much struggle with finding a bass player to fit their unique style, they finally located Mike Winsor, a former bandmate of the lead singer. After learning all their songs, Winsor seemed to just click with their style.


You can listen to a few tracks of their music from their website and give their debut album "America the Beautiful" a listen. Be sure to check out one of their shows in the Philadelphia area. Their blazing fast riffs are sure to amaze you!

Down To One

Energy and Intensity!

Down to One is a Philadelphia formed metal bound that truly redefines the metal genre with a style all its own! The passionate lyrics coupled with heavy guitar riffs makes a sound that has been described as, "a gentle sea breeze blowing over a demolition site."


They have performed many shows in the tri-state area and have been very well received all around, but they perform most of their shows in Philadelphia. Down to One has albums available to download from their website, and a list of tour dates you can see them at. So if you're ready to experience "a beautiful rose on a saw blade" check this band out!


Thunderous Heavy Metal Tones!

The energy never ends with KillShot! Their performances are adrenaline driven performances that leave you wanting more. Their influences come from Tool, Metallica, and Mastodon. These are some really heavy rockers and KillShot follows very similarly in their footsteps. They had their CD release party at the Legendary Dobbs!

They have a CD available for purchase through their website. In addition, they also have stickers, and shirts you can purchase. They have a list of upcoming shows available on their website so you can easily see where they are playing next. So if you love pulse pounding bass, and electrifying guitar give KillShot a try!

Paint it Black

Emotionally Charged Vocals!

Paint it Black is a hardcore metal band characterized by their energetic emotionally driven lyrics and fast-paced riffs. They have released 3 albums and continue to pump out fast loud and in-your-face music. They have toured all over the country but still spend the majority of their time in Philadelphia.


They are constantly updating their Facebook and MySpace pages with tours, insider scoop, and just general thoughts. Their website is more for contact purposes and purchasing their music. So be sure to check them out on either two social media sites to really stay up-to-date with what Paint it Black is doing!

Stinking Lizaveta

A Metal Band without Lyrics!

Thrashing metal band Stinking Lizaveta has just released its 6th album, and still have yet to employ lyrics into their music. Similar to all great jazz musicians, they tell a story with their music rather than words. In many ways, this makes the music more personable for the audience as it is left up to their interpretation on what the music is saying.


Currently they are finishing up a tour in Europe, but will return to their hometown by the end of 2012 to begin playing shows locally and up and down the east coast! All of their albums are available for purchase on their website via PayPal. So give this voice-less metal band a chance and experience what they're all about!