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Weatherbury Farm

Weatherbury Farm

Natural Fun With Nature!

If you want a break from your normal routine, take a tour at Weatherbury Farm. It'll give you and your kids natural refreshment. Weatherbury Farm is such a quiet place to visit for kids in Pennsylvania.  There are so many meadows, gardens, cows and sheep to enjoy with  your kids. So make a trip just 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


This is the world's most unique farm where you will always hope to stay. This farm will help you learn about farming and agriculture. Farmer Dale and Farmer Nigel work in the fields to show you some enjoyable and fun cultivations. Your kids can have  un feeding and milking to. So don't wait too long and have a fun day with your kids. 


Location: 1061 Sugar Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15312
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 724-587-3763
Counties Served:
1061 Sugar Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15312