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Varden Conservation Area

Varden Conservation Area

This Eastern PA Conservation Area Embodies Peace.

Designed as a place to preserve nature untouched by human hand, this conservation area serves as a retreat for Wayne County residents and wildlife alike. With little development and no through-roads this space is prefect for wildlife photography, birdwatching, and passive observation of nature. Several miles of trails take visitors through various tree species including hemlock, ash, red maple and many northern hardwoods - beautiful hiking in Pennsylvania.

As a conservation area, many activities are prohibited, including biking, horseback riding, and the use of motorized equipment - so be sure to pack your hiking boots and get ready to spend a peaceful relaxing day in the wild.

Location: Varden Conservation Area, Greentown, PA, 18426
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 570-676-3428
Counties Served:
Varden Conservation Area, Greentown, PA, 18426