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The Mummers Museum

The Mummers Museum

Experience the Unique Philadelphia Mummer Culture!

A cultural museum dedicated to the Philadelphia celebration of the new year, the Mummers Museum offers both a presentation of Mummers' culture, along with events and programs.  Housing a large collection of Mummers' memorabilia and paraphernalia, the Mummers Museum offers a look at the spectacular costumes.


The host of many unique events and programs, the Mummers Museum presents bands, dancers and other types of fun Mummer presentations.  Join in on the Mummers' cultural fun, and stop in at this one-of-a-kind Philadelphia cultural museum.  There's even a gift shop, so you can take some Mummer memorabilia home with you!

Location: 1100 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19147
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 215-336-3050
Counties Served:
1100 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19147