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Sand Castle Winery

Sand Castle Winery

World-Class PA Winery!

Nestled on the banks of the Delaware River in historic Bucks County, PA, Sand Castle Winery is a leading purveyor of world-class wines.  The founders of the Pennsylvania winery were born and raised in Czechoslovakia, a region known for its impeccable wine-making even before the Romans ruled the world. 

All wines are produced from 100% vinifera grapes.  Open daily, feel free to visit Sand Castle's tasting room, where you can sample and purchase the world-class wines.  Enjoy a guided tour of the winery, vineyard, wine cellar, and castle.     

Location: 755 River Road, Erwinna, PA, 18920
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 800-722-9463
Counties Served:
755 River Road, Erwinna, PA, 18920