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Pleasant Valley Ranch

Pleasant Valley Ranch

A Horseback Trail Ride through Hundreds of Acres!

Located in the serene Pleasant Valley of New Ringgold, PA, Pleasant Valley Ranch offers a slew of fun activities including horse riding lessons, guided trail rides, 2-hour moonlight horse rides, hay rides, and campfire rides.  The 1- and 2-hour trail rides extend over hundreds of acres of land, with stunning views of Schuylkill County's lush valleys. 

Trail rides are available by appointment only.  The horse boarding services are the finest in the area!  Pleasant Valley's "Ranch Birthday Parties" include an educational barn tour, fun with whips and lassos, a tractor-pulled wagon ride, hands-on time with the trail horses, a game of tug of war, and pony rides.  During the summer, you can send your children one of the wonderful Horsemanship Day Camps.  Your kids will learn to groom, tack, and ride their own horses!  For ages 8 and up, there are bull riding and bull fighting schools available.  

Location: 88 Arrow Road, New Ringgold, PA, 17960
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 570-943-2496
Counties Served:
88 Arrow Road, New Ringgold, PA, 17960