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Pine Creek Rail Trail

Pine Creek Rail Trail

One of the Most Scenic Bike Trails in Pennsylvania!

Voted by USA Today as one of the "10 great places to take a bike tour," the Pine Creek Rail Trail is a gem amonst cyclists in the Pennsylvania area.  The trail measures over 57 miles, starting in Ansonia and ending in the Jersey Shore.


The trail follows along the floor of the Pine Creek Gorge--deemed to be the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania."  The abundant wildlife in the area includes coyote, deer, eagles, hawks, ospreys, and wild turkeys.  If you're looking to make it an overnight trip, campgrounds are available at the north and south ends of the trail, along with several bed and breakfasts.

Location: Starting in Ansonia, Ansonia, PA,
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Phone: 570-724-0635
Counties Served:
Starting in Ansonia, Ansonia, PA,