Parasail Point Pleasant Beach
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Parasail Point Pleasant Beach

Parasail Point Pleasant Beach

Enjoy Parasailing Action With Parasail Point Pleasant!

Parasail Point Pleasant Beach operates one of the best parasailing outfits in the Tri-State Area. Their Captain has over 20 years of experience, and they use only the finest, safest equipment available. Can you imagine yourself soaring over the beautiful water with the sun at your back, and the wind in your hair, cruising safely at 500 feet, and holding tightly to a friend or loved one? They can, they do it all the time. You'll never have this much fun, so safely, for such a low price. If you've always been curious about parasailing, or just want to give it a try, then head on over to Parasail Point Pleasant! 

Location: 35 Broadway, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, 08742
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Phone: 732-714-2359
Counties Served:
35 Broadway, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, 08742