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Open Air

Open Air

Put a Special Message in the Sky!

As a city that promotes unique art and culture, it is no wonder that Philadelphia is the home of one of the coolest interactive artwork in the country: Open Air.  Through their website, you can record a message and rate other entries; those with the top ratings will be play-back over the Benjamin Franklin Parkway using powerful robotic searchlights reacting to the voice's frequency and volume.


You can even send your messages through your mobile app that can be sent through live during the show.  Take part in this state-of-the-art display of art, technology and creativity by stopping by the Benjamin Franklin Parkway from September 20 through October 14!

Location: Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA, 19130
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 215-546-7550
Counties Served:
Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA, 19130