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Ohiopyle Trading Post

Ohiopyle Trading Post

Great Whitewater Rafting in Ohiopyle!

Ohiopyle Trading Post offers a comprehensive list of Class II-V whitewater rafting tours.  For those seeking mind-blowing whitewater rafting action, the Upper Yough features 14 Class IV and 5 Class V rapids back-to-back.  It's considered to be one of the most commercially successful rafting trips in the U.S. 

"Shredders" are small and quick two-person rafts that allow you to fully connect with the whitewater and experience the waves to full capacity.  Shredders are available for rental, as are "duckies," which enable you to feel the same currents and waves that a kayaker does.  Appropriate for kids 4 and up, guided family float trips along Class I-II rapids are also available.  In addition to rafting, the PA whitewater rafting company offers kayaking (including kayaking lessons) as well as bike riding along the Ohiopyle Bike Trail. 

Location: 4 Negley Street, Ohiopyle, PA, 15470
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Phone: 724-644-6795
Counties Served:
4 Negley Street, Ohiopyle, PA, 15470