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Christ Church

Christ Church

Where Revolutionary Leaders Came To Worship!

Christ Church, established in 1695, has enjoyed 316 uninterrupted years of service and ministry, which continue to this day. Nicknamed "The Nation's Church," its pews were once filled with the individuals that founded our nation, and today its graveyard is the final resting place of many of them.Whether or not you worship at the church, it's worth a visit simply for its historical legacy: if you want to see the headstone of Ben Franklin for example, or where other signers of the Declaration came to pray on Sunday. The building itself has never lost the beauty and majesty with which it was built, and its physical proximity to the other historic sites of Philly emphasizes its close connection to that wonderful and turbulent time in the nation's history. 

Location: 20 N. American Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19106
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Phone: 215-922-1695
Counties Served:
20 N. American Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19106