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Berries and Blooms

Berries and Blooms

Delicious, Fresh Raspberries in PA!

Berries and Blooms invites you to "take your pick" at one of the best pick-your-own farms in Pennsylvania! At Berries and Blooms, their raspberries are grown in a unique "High Tunnel" system, featuring large rows of berries on each side of even paths that will allow you to comfortably pick ripe, delicious berries fresh off the bush without wandering through brambles. Pick from the Fourth of July until the first frost of winter, and try their tart, sweet crop for yourself!

Apart from raspberries, they also offer specials on other farm favorites by the quart like sweet onions, tomatoes, and peppers, as well as beautiful flowers! Come for a visit, and taste their High Tunnel crop!

Location: 5255 Wheelertown road, Waterford, PA, 16441
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 814-438-8113
Counties Served:
5255 Wheelertown road, Waterford, PA, 16441