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American Music Theatre

American Music Theatre

Check Out Their Great Assortment of Different Shows!

The American Music Theatre in Lancaster County is one of the best theatres PA has to offer. The Theatre's bill is comprised of all different sorts of programming, from Rock n' Roll Shows (like their recent engagement with America), to comedy (like Bill Engvall), to live theatre and family events (like their Christmas Special), not to mention fantastic original programming. This is the perfect place to spend a wonderful night out with the family you'll never forget; no matter who you want to treat to a special night, they're sure to have something you want to see. Don't hesitate to check out their schedule online - your perfect evening is a click away. 

Location: 2425 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA, 17605
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 717-397-7700
Counties Served:
2425 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA, 17605