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Nature Parties in PA

Find nature centers and other venues that host nature parties in PA. Guide to nature birthday parties in Pennsylvania.

8601 Lindbergh Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19153

It's Beautiful, It's Free, And It's The Site of Your Next Nature Party In PA!

 Looking to break the mold on a nature party in PA? The John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge is located right near Philly, and it's here to help. How many times can you eat cake in the living room, or play pin the tail on the donkey? Get outside this year, into the fresh, clean air, and explore. Take your kids hiking on over ten miles of trail, show them the indigenous wildlife in the squirrels that roam the trees, or the beautiful birds that flit through the branches. Throw a picnic on the lush, preserved green, and reconnect with the world around us. An appreciation for nature might just be the best gift you can give this year.

Serving Philadelphia, PA - Parties At Our Location! 

1700 Hawk Mountain Rd, Kempton, PA 19529

Your Next Nature Party in PA Made Possible By Hawk Mountain!

Think birds aren't cool? Think again. The majestic birds cared for at Hawk Mountain, are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on Earth. Learn how they fly on thermals with just twitches of their wings, see them dive and weave over the open air, learn how they hunt with wickedly sharp beaks, and razor like talons, our planet's last holdover from the age of the dinosaur. hawk Mountain knows how to get young ones interested in raptors, and with fun activities, trails, and bird-watching sites, there will be tons of things to keep your kids happy at their next nature party in PA!

Serving Kempton, PA - Parties At Our Location!

Central PA, Fort Hill, PA 15540

Have Your Next Nature Party At Mount Davis, And See the View of A Lifetime!

Here's what makes the Mount Davis Natural Area such a good place to host your next nature party in PA! First, it's one of the best single-day hikes in the whole state, just a few miles around through beautiful trees, on well worked trails that have seen thousands of hikers' boots over the years. Second, it's a wonderful place for a picnic so long as you remember to clean up after yourself, and eat responsibly in the midst of the forest. Third, and best, you can climb up to see the highest point in PA, and a get the kind of marvelous view you won't be able to see anywhere else. Don't miss out on this chance to show your kids' the party of a lifetime, surrounded by the beauty of Pennsylvania!

Serving Central PA - Parties At Our Location!

U.S. 209 & County Bridge Rd, Smithfield, PA 18301

Party Out In Nature this Year with A Wild Kayak Trip!

You've got a sporty kid at home, and you're not sure how to throw them a party they'll love. We have an idea. Why not throw them a nature party by taking them, and their guests, kayaking on the Delaware River?  Adventure Sports has some of the lowest rates on rentals that you'll find in the whole state, and the current of the rivers is slow enough to accommodate a beginner, but fast enough to ensure you have a good time. There's nothing quite like getting out over the beautiful white water, and you're sure to paddle your way to a great party you'll never forget!

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220 Wawa Road, Media, PA 19063

Let Rattlebox Bring Your Next Nature Party to You!

What's a nature party without a few animals? Valerie Gardner's got it covered. She'll bring the Rattlebox Nature Center to you with tons of great animals, so that your kids can see the members of the animal kingdom up close. See a turtle swim or a tortoise walk; see a pony gallop, or a bunny hop; hold a guinea pig, or feed a cockatiel. If your kids love animals, then they're going to love a visit from the Rattlebox Nature center for their next nature party in PA! It's safe, fun, and best of all educational, so don't hesitate to check out their great pictures online!

Serving Media, PA - We Come to You!







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