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Free Attractions in PA

Don't let your vacation to PA cost an arm and a leg by visiting any of these free attractions in Pennsylvania.  Read about all types of free things to do in PA!

97 Taneytown Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325


One of Pennsylvania's Most Popular Historical Attractions!

The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War.  It was the war's bloodiest battle, with a total of 51,000 casualties.  The battle also gave inspiration to President Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address."


If you're looking for free PA attractions, be part of history with a visit to Gettysburg National Military Park.   The site is full of monuments and memorials.  You can even stop by the cemetary to pay respects to the many Americans who died in the bloody battle, as well as the actual site where Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address.  A visit to the park itself is free, though an added fee is required to take the guided tour. 

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251 Park Boulevard, Hershey, PA 17033


One Heaven Trip For Chocolate Addicts

If you are a chocolate addict, then the free attractions of riding the Omnimover dark ride of the chocolate factory in Hershey’s Chocolate World will make your day. Follow the cocoa beans on a journey from the tropical rainforest to the sweetest place on earth, Hershey, Pennsylvania. 


The ride will guide customers to a transformation from bean to Hershey’s famous chocolate. At the end of the tour, the customer will be given a free sample from the company. There are other activities like “Create Your Own” candy bar attraction, great chocolate factory mystery in 4D, and more. 

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107 West Cambridge Road, Gap, PA 17527


Antiques In Town

If you like to collect antiques, the place called White Horse Mill Antiques and Fine Arts, in Gap, Pennsylvania will satisfy your addiction. The company provides free attractions for visitors to plan an entire outing to the delightful part of rural America. 


You will find a handpicked selection of the 18th to 20th century rural American antiques and accessories tastefully displayed in the restored former grist mill. There are varied selections to choose, textiles, smalls, jewelry, ceramics and glassware. 

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102 North Market Street, Mt. Joy, PA 17552


A Visit To The Brewery Art Gallery

Bube’s Brewery was created in 1876 as a small brewery in Mount Joy, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The owner, Alois Bube is a German immigrant that saw the opportunity to sell German-style lager beer. The brewery is the only one of the hundreds of “lager era” breweries that still stands in almost completely intact condition today.


The free attraction is the visit to the art gallery that allows the presentation of visual arts including sculpture, painting, drawing, assembling, photography and installation. Please be advised that you may not agree with some of the artist’s expressions. 

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21 North 2nd Street, Columbia, PA 17512


A Visit To The Informative Museum

Located in the original English Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbia Historic Preservation Society in Pennsylvania is dedicated to preserve the river town. The museum houses a model train display, artifacts, a research room, microfilm archive, and publications pertaining to the history of Susquehanna river town.


An incredible attraction for people who have a love for art and history, the museum often holds events such as train show, antique craft show, and Music at the Museum. Where else would you enjoy free historical art in the city with great entertainment?

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Hunsecker Road, Lancaster, PA 17601


Beautiful Covered Bridge In Town

The Hunsecker’s Mill Covered Bridge in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is one of the covered bridges with the total length of 180 feet. It carries a Hunsecker Road over the Conestoga River. The bridge was reconstructed in 1948. Take a visit to this beautiful free attraction to enjoy a romantic evening or day with your loved one.


The bridge is sometimes referred to as “kissing bridges” because many couples who have strolled across them over the years. Enjoy a romantic getaway from your work day in this fantastic view of the bridge.

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120 East King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602


A Visit To Lancaster’s Own Artists

Charles Demuth was born in Lancaster house, although he suffered from lameness and diabetes in his adult life, that didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion in arts. He produced over a thousand works of art, including the well-known “My Egypt” which was inspired by grain elevators in Lancaster. His work is available for an intimate setting on the Demuth Museum which consists of 35 Charles Demuth originals. 


For art students and scholars who want to spend their days looking for worthy free attractions in Pennsylvania, they can access the museum’s archives and library for research purposes.

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99 South Groffdale Road, Leola, PA 17540


Wonderful Fragrances Coming From Hayloft Candles

Hayloft Candles and Petting Zoo based in Leola, Pennsylvania is a 4000 square foot candle shop. The store is well-stocked with every single type and style of candle you want. The store also offers a huge selection of candle accessories including glassware and locally handcrafted items. 


Visit the free attraction with the clean and beautiful landscaped petting zoo, next to the candle shop. The petting zoo has a variety of exotic and farm animals. While you are there, also enjoy a real homemade ice cream that will melt your tongue with its smooth and creamy taste.

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271 Old Baltimore Pike, Nottingham, PA 19362


Schedule A Free Tour At Herr’s

Who loves a trip to the snack factory? Children will surely love it. A free trip to Herr’s Snack Factory Tour in Nottingham, Pennsylvania is promised to brighten your day. The Herr's Food story began in 1946 when 21-year-old James Stauffer Herr bought a small potato chip company in Lancaster. 


Jim Herr developed a new and better cooking process and delicious snack food. Today, as a free attraction, the tour to the factory is guided where the visitors can sample warm chips while being there. 

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13 Center Street, Intercourse, PA 17534


Various Brand Jarred Goods

Intercourse Canning Company in Pennsylvania offers over 300 products that are freshly packed by local Amish and Mennonite folks who work daily to produce various brand jarred goods. Enjoy the free attraction's guided tour for a minimum of 10 people and visitors can sample free items such as Pickled Baby Beets, Chow Chow, Picked Baby Corn, Bread & Butter pickles, jellies, vegetable salads and relishes, gourmet dip mixes and much more.


The store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The company offers a complimentary jar of choice from the store for the tour operator or group leader. 

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3614 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, PA 17534


Quality Pretzel Factory

Only a handful of companies still hand twists a hard pretzel. Intercourse Pretzel Factory in Pennsylvania produces 100 pounds of pretzels a day. Why not see the attractions of making pretzels by getting the free 10-15 minute tour of the factory. The guided tour will explain how to make the hard pretzels and then give the visitors a piece of dough so they can also learn to twist a pretzel.


When the visitors are finished, the dough is discarded as there is no sanitary way to bake the pretzels. Visitors will be awarded with an official pretzel twister sticker.

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500 Diller Avenue Building 30, New Holland, PA 17557


Center of Excellence for Hay and Forage

The New Holland Agriculture plant traces its roots to 1895 when a two-man machinery repair shop was founded in New Holland, Pennsylvania by master machinist and inventor Abe Zimmerman. Through the years, New Holland became known as the leader in hay and forage technology, pioneering many firsts: the first PTO-powered baler, the first mower-conditioner, and many more. 


Try out the free attraction guided plant tour that is available every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 1 p.m. during plant operation.

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23 North Market Street, Lancaster, PA 17603


Country’s Oldest Farmer’s Market

Welcome to Lancaster Central Market in Pennsylvania, the country’s oldest farmers’ market which occupies a beautiful 120 year old red brick building chock full of local characters. Try out a different and unique free attraction here as you won’t find in other places. Taste the regional food specialties like Pennsylvania Dutch sausage, scrapple, and headcheese. 


The market opens every Tuesday and Friday, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, 6 p.m. to 2 p.m. year-round. There are also great souvenirs that can be found in the market for your added collection.

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2800 North Reading Road, Adamstown, PA 19501


Pennsylvania’s First Micro Brewery

Stoudt’s Brewery in Adamstown, Pennsylvania is the first country microbrewery. It has over 20 years quality brewing and numerous award winning beers. Visitors can choose fourteen from varieties from lagers, ales and seasonal beers. Try out the amazing attraction of the free guided tour with a gift of a 750 ml beer to bring home. 


A free tour is available every Saturday at 3 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. Tours meet in the lobby of the restaurant. Visitors can also enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the Brew Pub next door, where they can sample all the seasonal and specialty beers.

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2209 Millstream Road, Lancaster, PA 17602


Unique Experience at Mennonite Information Center

The Mennonite Information Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania offers information and insight on the life and beliefs of the Amish and Mennonites. Why don’t you try out this inspiring free attraction and join the personal tours of the Amish country with a movie and exhibit provided?


Mennonite Information Center is open Monday through Saturday all year. Taste a yummy soft pretzel and some fizzy home-made root beer while the guide assists you to understand and experience Lancaster’s Amish Country.

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3529 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, PA 17534


Generations of Fun

Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Kitchen Kettle Village is filled with a world famous canning kitchen, unique specialty shops, experiential tours and activities, a rich history, delicious food and great views.


Enjoy the free attractions of sightseeing the village and smelling the flavors. For over 55 years, the company has been preserving the bounty of Lancaster County in the Jam & Relish Kitchen. You can plan your next sleepover at The Inn at Kitchen Kettle Village with great views, first class amenities and exceptional rooms.

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