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Search for white dove releases in PA. Find the perfect wedding dove release in Pennsylvania.

Memory Makers

Release a Symbol of Lasting Love on your Wedding Day!

With over ten years experience, and now over 600 white dove releases in Pennsylvania in a single year, Memory Makers brings expertise and professionalism to make your wedding even more special.

Memory makers believes that a white dove seen on your wedding day brings lasting love. They have over 200 white doves in stock, all specially trained to return home safely upon release. Memory Makers are happy to provide doves for hand release as well as larger displays. Ask about displays organized to music specially chosen to best suit the occasion! Sample videos are available to show you just some of the possibilities. Memory Makers is aptly named - it's their business to make sure your memories of your marriage last a lifetime.

Phila White Birds

A Symbol of Peace, Purity and Love!

Providing dove releases in Pennsylvania designed around your special day, Phila White Birds offers quality and fantastic entertainment for you and your guests. A member of the International White Dove Society, Phila offers three separate packages to meet all budgets and event sizes. Bring a touch of beauty to your wedding once only available to royalty with gorgeous, well kept birds able to find their way home over hundreds of miles. Up to 25 birds can be released and whether traditional or custom, this magical moment will have you and your loved ones at its center! Professional handlers and tasteful displays are guaranteed, and the moment of released is something your guests will talk about for years!

Pleasant Valley Wings of Love

Launch your Wedding on 'Wings of Love!'

Pleasant Valley Wings of Love, a proud member of the National White Dove Release Society, brings white dove releases in Pennsylvania to a 40 mile radius around Clearfield. Many options are available from the "Love Bird" package where the bride, groom, best man, and maid of honor each release a dove, to the "Ultimate Package," featuring a hand release by the bride and groom, and a stunning 24 doves flying high! These options ensure no one will ever forget the moment you said 'I do' to the sound of wings fluttering higher and higher. An appropriately dressed handler will arrive half an hour before your wedding with the doves to make sure this stunning release goes off without a hitch! 

Say It With Doves

Snow White Doves Symbolize the Purity of your Love!

If you're searching for a dove release for weddings in PA, why not Say It With Doves? A dove release is the perfect alternative to rice or balloons, providing an unforgettable experience for the guests, and the happy couple. Release a pair of white doves from your hands to celebrate your love, while others fly around you to join them above. Say It With Doves  provides a second pair of doves to be released separately, ensuring that photographs of this unique experience will last a lifetime. Say It With Doves serves a 50 mile radius around Bethlehem, PA and is able to provide displays and cages as well as the stunning white doves themselves.

The Lofts of J. Dvornicky

Let Your Love Take to the Skies!

Forget rice or confetti - mark your special moment with an unforgettable wedding doves release in PA. The Lofts of J. Dvornicky are specially built to house beautiful white doves, available in a variety of stunning cages perfect for any venue. With training available on the handling and release of the doves, why not show your love to the world by releasing a bird high into the air alongside your new spouse!

The Lofts will work alongside your photographer to make sure the exact moment of release can be captured for years to come. Environmentally friendly and instantly breath taking, The Lofts dove releases are a sure way to show the world how happy you are. A member of White Dove Release Professionals, The Lofts of J. Dvornicky uses custom built cages and specially trained homing doves to make sure the birds are as experienced as the handlers.