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Find pregnancy spas in PA that offer the most relaxing treatments geared towards expectant mothers.  Choose from some of the finest and most affordable maternity spas in Pennsylvania. 

Body Restoration

Maternity Massages and more!

Though Body Restoration doesn't specialize in maternity treatments, the maternity massage is one of many services offered at the acclaimed PA day spa.  Experience a traditional Swedish massage, complete with side-lying techniques and plenty of body pillows for support.  Special attention will be given to the legs and lower back to promote circulation and ease any discomfort.  The spa also features "bodyCushion," a specially designed pregnancy pillow that allows expectant mothers to lie safely and comfortably on their stomachs, all the way into the later stages of pregnancy.


Check the website for prices on maternity massages.  You must be at least in your second trimester, and cannot receive a massage if you are in your first trimester.