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Find a butterfly release for weddings in PA. Release beautiful butterflies for weddings in Pennsylvania.

Bear Mountain Butterflies

Make a Wish for a Beautiful Wedding!

A native American symbol of fulfilled wishes, butterflies can add a unique and unforgettable touch to your big day. Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary can provide beautiful Monarch butterflies for your wedding ceremony by the dozen. Request white organza mass release containers if you plan to release your butterflies at once, or have individual releases from triangular release envelopes.

Your butterflies will arrive the day before your event to ensure they are healthy and fresh for their release. Your order will come with a copy of the Native American butterfly legend which describes butterflies as messengers of wishes.

Folk's Butterfly Farm

Fluttering Hearts, Fluttering Wings

Delight at the look on your guests faces when you release a flock of butterflies to flutter around them. Unforgettable photo opportunities will accompany this unique way of celebrating the most important day of your life. Folk's Butterfly farm will supply gorgeous butterflies for weddings in PA. Choose from Monarchs or Painted Ladies to grace your wedding day.

Personalized release envelopes can have your names and wedding date on them for that extra special touch. Folk's Butterfly Farm can also put together a customized display piece with flowers of your choice and any amount of butterflies you desire.

Monarchs Alive

Let Your Wishes Flutter into the Sky! 

Amaze your guests with the breathtaking beauty of a butterfly release at your wedding ceremony! For over fifteen years Monarchs Alive has been providing Painted Lady and Monarch butterflies for weddings and memorials. A member of the International Butterfly Breeders Association, this is a great choice for butterflies for weddings in Pennsylvania!

Order butterflies by the dozen from Monarchs Alive and they will arrive the day before your event along with release envelopes. If you wish to do a mass release, order some of their tasteful releasing containers. Personal delivery is possible within 50 miles of Hellertown, PA.

Wish Upon a Butterfly

Gorgeous Butterflies for Weddings Pennsylvania!

If you want something unique and beautiful to add to your wedding ceremony, a butterfly release is an unforgettable choice. Wish Upon a Butterfly will provide these delicate insects by the dozen to awe your guests and make for unforgettable pictures.

There are three types of butterflies to choose from, Monarchs, Painted Ladies, or Black Swallowtail. Wish Upon a Butterfly will work with you to ensure they are providing exactly what you need to make your release amazing whether you want a whole flock of butterflies to flutter around as you say your vows or simply want to release two as bride and groom.