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Summer Camps in Philadelphia

Summer Camps in Philadelphia provide a safe and fun enviornment for your kids during the summer season. Philadelphia Summer Camps are a great way to make sure that your kids get some fresh air. 


3611 Lancaster Avenue , Philadelphia, PA 19104


Dance, Dance, Dance!

Have a kid who doesn't want to go to the average Philadelphia summer camps? Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center offers an extensive dancing program, spanning the majority of the summer weeks. Boys and girls will learn a variety of dance styles, ranging from jazz, modern, hip-hop, and more. 


For those more serious about dance, many extensive programs are available, teaching you the advanced techniques in a short amount of time. Camp is also available in full day or half day sessions, making it a perfect choice for those with limited schedules. 


3000 West School House Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144


An Experience That Your Children Are Unlikely to Forget. 

One of the few seven day summer camps in Philadelphia, Penn Charter offers a variety of activites for your children to partake in. From sports, dance, art, games, and more, your child is guranteed to have a blast at Penn Charter. There's also science camp for the kids to learn the sciences, as well as a money camp, teaching them how to save money.


Penn Charter is the largest out of all the Philadelphia Summer Camps, offering individual camps for each and every area of concentration that they offer. Whether your kids want to be a detective or a musician, Penn Charter has you covered. 


3680 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Let Your Kids Act the Summer Away.

If you're looking through Philadelphia summer camps in hopes of letting your children practice thier love of acting, then look no further. Held by the Performing Arts Office every summer, there's no better camp in the area for teaching your kids the art of acting. 


Many summer camps in Philadelphia will let your kids have fun, but at the sake of learning. Performing Arts camp will let your kids do both, ensuring that they have a well-rounded and good time. Camp hours are from 9AM to 2PM, Monday to Friday. 


8900 Norwood Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118


Activities and Fun Times Abound!

ESF (Education, Sports, and Fun) Philadelphia summer camps is an institution with a number of programs available. Ranging from ages three to fifteen, there's a good fit for every child. Whether you want your kids to focus on sports or education, you'll be satisfied with ESF's extensive curriculum. 


Most summer camps in Philadelphia don't offer nearly as much freedom as ESF does, taking care of, and teaching your children from 9 AM to 3 PM every single week day. If you want your children to be active this summer, send them to ESF. 


128 North Broad Street , Philadelphia, PA 19102


A Creative Way to Enjoy the Summer. 

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts offers one of the finest summer camps in Philadelphia, offering your kids a fun and relaxing way to spend their summer. Children will paint, visit art studios around the city, make new friends, and more.


Most Philadelphia summer camps don't teach your children, but at PAFA you will see the result of their work at weekly exhibitions put on by the camp. Parents are encouraged to come and should do so, as they'll be amazed by the products of their children's imagination. 








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