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Rock Bands in Philadelphia

If you love rock n' roll in all its forms, then check out our list of some great rock bands in the Philadelphia area! You won't be disappointed!


P.O. Box 428, Blue Bell, PA 19422


Blend of Rock and Pop!

Fooling April proves that younger bands can thrive and have the ability to play vastly beyond their age group. This 2009 formed group has been playing many shows between their hometown Philadelphia and New York City. They have performed as support acts for such bands as John Mayer, The Strokes, and Dave Matthews Band.


Their website has an in-depth guide of tour dates, locations, and music to purchase. You can sign up for their newsletter to receive with the options to receive news about Fooling April around the world or just in the Philly area. So sign up for their newsletter so you won't miss the next time they are around!


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Performing in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Blood Feathers

A Captivating New Sound!

Blood Feathers is a relatively new band out of Philadelphia. While they are still young as a band, they have already made 2 full length albums and are working on a third. They have many catchy guitar riffs and lyrics that you find yourself singing in your head throughout the day.


They have digital and hard copies of their CD available for purchase from their website. Their CD's are $10 while the digital download is only $6. They have a list of tour dates and locations available on their website. If you're looking for a new sound that is sure to be stuck in your head for days, give Blood Feathers a try!


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Performing in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Philadelphia, PA 19106


The Philadelphia Phenomenon!

This indie-rock band grounded its roots in Philadelphia and was prepared to stay there for the rest of their lives, but the universe had other plans for them. Through the efforts of their bassists girlfriend, they were discovered by the band My Morning Jacket and went on tour with them shortly after.


After their first tour, people wanted more of Dr. Dog! Now they tour nationwide as a headlining band. However, they still play many shows in Philadelphia. You can see a list of where they are touring from their website. You can also buy their albums and merchandise. So give this unique Philadelphia sound a try. You won't be disappointed!


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Travels 60 miles from Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA 19106


All Your Favorite Pink Floyd Classics!

If you loved Pink Floyd you will love the revitalized Think Pink Floyd cover band! They have mastered not just the sound of Pink Floyd but the visuals with their light show and their stage presence. You will receive the full experience when you go see Think Pink Floyd!


They are available for hire through the booking section on their website, but why not go out and see them first!? They have a list of upcoming shows from their website that any Pink Floyd fan should go check out. They are without a doubt the closest you will be able to get to Pink Floyd in the new millennia!


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Travels up to 600 miles from Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Outstanding List of Cover Songs!

Leading the Clubhouse band with his impressive acoustic and vocals is Ryan Tennis. The band is very malleable in that it can perform with the full list of members (11 members) or as few as 3. They have played parties, bars, weddings, as well as the Philadelphia Folk Festival and World Cafe Live!


Their repertoire of cover songs includes such famous bands and artists as the Beatles, Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, Sublime and Stevie Wonder. Their website includes an in-depth list of upcoming shows, mostly in Philadelphia. So be sure to check this band out and feel the sensation of some favorites performed in a new light!


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