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Cultural Museums in Philadelphia

Check out some of these cultural museums in Philadelphia to get a deeper look at all types of ethnic and cultural groups.  A city with numerous different cultural museums, Philadelphia offers African American museums, Jewish American museums, and much more.  For some historical knowledge and a fun day trip idea, visit one of these top-notch Philadelphia cultural museums!


1100 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147


Experience the Unique Philadelphia Mummer Culture!

A cultural museum dedicated to the Philadelphia celebration of the new year, the Mummers Museum offers both a presentation of Mummers' culture, along with events and programs.  Housing a large collection of Mummers' memorabilia and paraphernalia, the Mummers Museum offers a look at the spectacular costumes.


The host of many unique events and programs, the Mummers Museum presents bands, dancers and other types of fun Mummer presentations.  Join in on the Mummers' cultural fun, and stop in at this one-of-a-kind Philadelphia cultural museum.  There's even a gift shop, so you can take some Mummer memorabilia home with you!


308 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Art, History & Artifacts from Poland!

A focal point for many Polish American affairs in Philadelphia, The Polish American Cultural Center and Museum Exhibit Hall offers all types of Polish history, art, and artifacts.  This Philly cultural museum presents exhibits that highlight Polish folk art, customs and history through paintings and other forms of art.


Stop in at any time from 10 am through 4 pm during the week, and take a free tour through the iconic Polish American Cultural Center and Museum Exhibit Hall!  Don't forget to take a look around the museum gift shop for some great Polish and Polish American specialty items and gifts.


1900 Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19145


Swedish History, Art, Architecture, Music & More!

Founded in 1929, the American Swedish Historical Museum is the oldest Swedish museum in the United States.  Dedicated to promoting and preserving Swedish and Swedish-American culture, this Philadelphia culture museum presents exhibits consisting of Swedish art, history, architecture, music, science and technology.


A place for Swedes, Swedish-Americans and those interested in Swedish history can come to the American Swedish Historical Museum to appreciate the many contributions that Sweden has made to society.  They hold many events throughout the year that showcase all types of Swedish history and art.  Stop in to gain some Swedish knowledge and culture!


101 South Independence Mall East, Philadelphia, PA 19106


Gain Knowledge about Jewish American History Here!

Located at the heart of Philadelphia's historic district, the National Museum of American Jewish History enlightens its visitors with the history of Jewish people in America.  Educating its visitors on how Jewish immigrants became Jewish Americans, this cultural museum in Philadelphia will enable you to walk out with a ton of knowledge about Jewish History.


Not only do they offer great Jewish history exhibits, but they also have a collection of social history artifacts, including such aspects as art, charity, childhood, immigration, civic service, sports, work, and religion.  Whether you're Jewish yourself, or you're just interested in Jewish history, the National Museum of American Jewish History is a great place to gain knowledge on the Jewish culture.


701 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106


An Enlightening & Inspirational Cultural Museum!

Presenting a vibrant showcase of culture, education and history, the African American Museum in Philadelphia is the perfect destination for a Philadelphia day trip.  Their many exhibits outline the roots of African Americans and explain the roles that they played throughout American history.  This cultural museum in Philadelphia focuses on the history of slavery, and more importantly, how African American culture evolved to what it proudly is today.


The African American Museum in Philadelphia stimulates the mind with their wonderful showcase, and leaves a lasting and enlightening impact of its visitors.  Make sure to check out their website to take a look at all the great events and programs that they host, along with special exhibitions.








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