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Ghost Tours in PA

Find fun spooky ghost tours in PA. If you like to be frightened or to get a look into the spiritual world, check out these Pennsylvania ghost tours!

Departs From 5th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19106

One of the Best Ghost Tours PA Has To Offer!

Since 1995,Ghost Tours of Philadelphia has led daring souls to discover the truth of the city's most haunted locations. Tours are conducted at night, either on foot or by trolley, and are led by knowledgeable (and costumed) guides who base their routes on the book, Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania. If you have any interest in the paranormal, if you have ever wondered whose spirit stalks the Christ Church cemetery at night, or which of the founders of our nation have never left it, then you owe it to yourself  to walk the streets of Philadelphia by moonlight, and find out.  

Tours meet at 4th & Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Visit Philly's Favorite Haunted Sites With the Spirits of '76

Developed by the Constitutional Walking Tour Company, The Spirits of '76 guides you on a ghost tour around the city that is "one part history, two parts haunt;" you'll never be so well-informed and terrified at the same time again! Visit all of Philadelphia's spookiest locations, like the former home of horror-master Edgar Allen Poe, the set of the Sixth Sense (filmed in Philly), and even our nation's most famous historical sites (like Independence Hall) rumoured to be frequented by the spirits of founders. Curb your scepticism for an hour or so, and let Spirits of '76 teach and thrill you with one of the best ghost tours in Philadelphia!

47 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, PA 17325

A Spooky Ghost Tour in Gettysburg!

Do the spirits of soldiers dead still walk? Do they roam the battlefield and historic town, unable to rest eternally? The experienced guides at Gettysburg Ghost Tours think so. Not only are they up on every tale and rumour surrounding supernatural activity in Gettysburg, they’re all master storytellers, ready to give you chills and thrills as they recount the truth about America’s most famous battlefield, where the dead still walk. Tours are inexpensive, and the price of a ticket is well worth the journey into our nation’s past, where you can find for yourself that death is not the end.

271 Baltimore Street, Gettyburg, PA 17325

The Original Gettysburg Ghost Tour in Pennsylvania! 

 Founded in the early nineties by writer and researcher, Mark Nesbitt, The Ghost of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tour is the original tour of America’s most haunted ground. The tours are based on Nesbitt’s Ghost of Gettysburg series of books (stories from which you might have heard recounted on the History Channel) where costumed guides will lead through that historic battlefield, the old city and college campus, and the last resting places of the dead soldiers. Come explore the grounds at night;let a knowledgeable guide take you through the places where the Civil War has never ended. 

61 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, PA 17325

One of the Most Haunted Ghost Tours in Pennsylvania!

Now in its fifteenth year, Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg is a candlelit tour of the famous haunted battlefield that you won’t want to miss. No other ghost tour in Pennsylvania is as dedicated to their performance as Sleepy Hollow; their guides are knowledgeable, costumed, and endlessly interested in the supernatural, with loads of true stories about their own encounters with the spirits of the dead. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you’re still going to have fun –the atmosphere, the stories, it’s all part of enjoying the ground that’s steeped in history- but the truth is out walking after dark.







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