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Confirmation Parties in PA

See a list of venues, services, etc. for confirmation parties in PA. Find confirmation party ideas in Pennsylvania.

312 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

confirmation party ideas in Pennsylvania

Delicious Seafood and a Family Atmosphere For Your Confirmation Party in PA!

Throwing a Confirmation Party in PA? We've got just the place for you to celebrate - Dinardo's Famous Seafood! There's nothing like treating the family to the delicious, succulent crab that won the "Best of Philly" Award Nine times. Best of all, you're going to please everyone: it's sufficently upscale, yet surprisingly simple, and between fried clams and juicy Surf n' Turf, your guests are sure to find something to suit their palette. A special day deserves a memorable meal, and that's exactly what you'll find, served hot and fresh, at Dinardo's!


Serving Philadelphia, PA - Parties At Our Location!


215- 755-7180
3120 S 20th St., Philadelphia, PA 19145

confirmation parties Pa

A Wonderful Restaurant For Celebrating Your Confirmation Party!

A few reasons why Popi's is one of the best choices for celebrating your next Confirmation party in Pennsylvania (or any other special event): First, they've got options. If you want to book a few tables amidst the relaxed, family ambiance of their dining room, or you want a private banquet area where you and your whole family can eat together, Popi's has what you're looking for. Second, who doesn't love Italian food? We mean, really good Italian food, hand crafted by experts who know the recipe's best - no matter how old you are, or refined your palate is, you'll love their beautiful cuts of meat, hand made pasta, and rich sauces. Last, don’t you want to make your celebration memorable and delicious, full of high-quality service and unforgettable taste?  If so, then Popi’s has everything you need.


Serving Philadelphia, PA - Parties At Our Location!

101 Virginia Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15211

confirmation parties in PA

Let J & J Help You Celebrate The Next Confrimation Party In Your Family!

J & J's Family Restaurant & Catering is a great place to celebrate your next confirmation party with the whole family! You'll find real home cooking here that's sure to please everyone - no matter what time of day you come. Looking for some brunch after a morning ceremony? Try Fresh eggs and bacon with toast, and a hot cup of coffee. Been looking for lunch in all the wrong places? Let J & J serve you up a thick, juicy burger you won't forget. Have a steak for supper, or keep things light with a fresh grilled chicken salad. You love the food, but you want to relax at home as well? You're in luck, cause they'll cater and bring it all to you. No worries this time around; celebrate with delicious food the J & J way!


Serving Pittsburgh, PA - Parties At Our Location Or Yours!

146 6th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

onfirmation parties for kids in pa

One of the Best Places to Celebrate Your Confirmation PA Has To Offer!

You're celebrating a Confirmation Party in PA with your family, and you want to please everyone: you've got a sister who's a vegetarian, kids who love french fries, a high-brow brother, and a cousin who's obsessed with locally grown, organic food. It can be done! Six Penn Kitchen presents all American cuisine, cooked to perfection by expert chefs, all their dishes prepared from fresh, high-quality ingredients, largely grown locally from the Penn's Corner Farm Alliance. They can fit everyone too: their event services ought to be more than capable of accommodating everyone in your party, and making sure they head home with a big smile, and a full belly. Don't hesitate to call and set up your next party today!


Serving Pittsburgh, PA - We Come To You!

606 North 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

confirmation party places in PA

Make Your Celebration Special With The Fire House Restaurant!

The Fire House Restaurant has some of the best food available in the State's capital; their delicious food is going to please everyone that turns out to help you celebrate your next confirmation party in Pennsylvania. The ambiance is really something: simple, and yet not without refinement, homey and festive. Have a delicious grilled chicken breast sandwich, served on a sesame seed bun with crispy fries, or enjoy a thick cut of Prime Rib with a glass of rich, red wine. They’re more than ready to take on a large party, and more than happy to be a part of your celebration. For the variety reflected in the menu, for the skill reflected in their taste, we think they’d make an excellent choice for the next event in your family!


Serving Harrisburg, PA - Parties At Our Location!








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