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Celebrity Look Alikes PA

Find cool celebrity look alike impersonators in PA. The best celebrity look alike entertainers that serve Pennsylvania.

Serving the Halifax area, Halifax, PA

Hire an Incomparable Celebrity Look-alike in Pennsylvania!

This uncannily exact Elvis lookalike is a consummate performer, singer and entertainer. He was also the model for McFarlane Toys' "Aloha Elvis" figurine. Not just a lookalike, but also a sound-alike Brad Crum is available for parties, tribute shows, Elvis-grams, special events and more. He can bring a soundtrack to sing along to or if you prefer he can show up with a full band! Lauded for his incredible vocal range and downright fun shows, Brad is one of the best celebrity impersonators in Pennsylvania.

Serving the Philadelphia area, Philadelphia, PA

Historic Celebrity Look-alike in PA!

Experience the past in vivid color when you hire this Pennsylvania-native celebrity impersonator. A truly wonderful way to learn history, Dean Malissa brings the past to life in his educational and interesting performances as the nation's first president. 

If you've ever thought history was boring, Dean will open your eyes to a new way to view our nation's past as he knowledgably educates and entertains. A fitting tribute to a great man, this look-alike performer is available for private parties, dinners, school events and more.

Servicing the Greater Pennsylvania Area, , PA


Joan Rivers Celebrity Look Alike

Ellie Weingardt is a nationally renowned Joan Rivers impersonator and awarded voice talent. She has been a celebrity hostess and master of ceremony as Joan Rivers for corporate events, sales meetings, birthday parties, Hollywood theme parties, black tie events, weddings, anniversaries and all kinds of carpet themed events.


She is servicing the greater Pennsylvania area. She can also perform as an improve impressionist for corporate and social events. She also appears in several movies like Save The Last Dance and Just Visiting.

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LaceFront Entertainment, Bethlehem, PA 18017


Stevie Wonder Impersonator

CP Lacey is an actor, comedian, singer, writer, producer and master celebrity impersonator or tribute artist. He has an extraordinary ability to sing, “do” voices, dance and act.


The celebrity look alike characters that have been performed are Kanye West, President Barrack Obama, Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, James Brown and more. You can book him via the LaceFront Entertainment based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He also performed in a Broadway plays and wittingly charmed the audiences.

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Servicing the Greater Philadelphia Area, Philadelphia, PA


Austin Power Celebrity Look Alike

Richard Halpern celebrity look alike Austin Power is absolutely dead-on, very shagadelic and the very best in the business. He also has access to some of the original cars used in the Austin Powers film series, and they can be rented for your event as well.


Besides an impersonator, Richard is also a great singer and can sing all the great tunes from the jazz age and Tin Pan Alley. He can provide up to 45 minute shows all over Philadelphia.

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Servicing the Greater Philadelphia Area, Philadelphia, PA


Impersonator Extraordinaire

You can watch Joe Richie as a Jack Nicholson celebrity look alike in his video on his website. He is available for hire for a party or event surrounding the Philadelphia area. He can give you a wonderful performance as Jack Nicholson for your corporate party. The client will leave satisfied.


Joe Richards as ”Jack” also has hosted a party at Paramount Studios for his Royal Highness Prince Edward and her Highness. He also appeared in numerous TV shows and in films such as Velocity, Hard Copy, Ghost Town, and more.

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Servicing the Greater Pennsylvania Area, , PA


Frank Sinatra Impersonator

Vaughn Suponatime has performed his Frank Sinatra tribute show with many symphony orchestras including a number of appearances with the Capistrano Valley Symphony. As the celebrity's younger Frank Sinatra look alike and a natural Sinatra sound alike, his show spans the musical career of The Chairman of the board from the Big Band days through the Rat Pack nights and beyond.


He had the distinct pleasure to perform his tribute show for the Honorable Senator Robert Dole at the World War Two Veterans memorial dinner in Las Vegas. Vaughn is servicing the greater area of Pennsylvania.

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Servicing the Greater Philadelphia Area, , PA


Actor, Comedian, Impersonator, Voice-over

Peter Salzer is servicing the greater Philadelphia area as a George Burns celebrity look alike. He is an experienced actor, comedian, character interpreter and voice-over artist. Peter’s most recent film appearance was opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman in the movie version of the Tony Award winning play DOUBT.


AAA selected him to be their host for Roadwise Review, a safe driving program for seniors. He is also the voice of President Harry Truman in a multimedia program.

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Servicing the Greater Pottstown Area, Pottstown, PA


Elvis in Pottstown

Jeff Swider is a professional Elvis Tribute Artist, as an Elvis celebrity look alike he has stunned the audiences for over 6 years. Jeff has performed as Elvis from coast to coast, as well as shows in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


Depending on the budget and venue, he can also be accompanied by a fabulous five piece band. He is available for public and private appearances, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, festivals, fairs and more. If you happen to be in Pennsylvania, you can hire him for his service.

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Servicing the Greater Columbia area, Columbia, PA


From Police Detective to Frank Sinatra Impersonator

James Young is a former Police Detective who has the unique sounds of both a young Sinatra at times and the more mature Frank, the other times. He began being a Frank Sinatra celebrity look alike in 2004, and has performed at The Walt Disney World Wyndham Resort in 2011 and 2012 and also Las Vegas strips hotels


.He is available for service near the Columbia, Pennsylvania area. As of April 19, 2013, James appeared and performed on The Midnight Show with Vic Terno on New York’s Time-Warner Television.

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Servicing the Greater Pittsburgh area, Pittsburgh, PA


Jimmy Buffett Concert Experience

Tom Watt, known to his loyal following as “The Buffettman” has been dazzling fans around the United States for almost a decade. As a Jimmy Buffett celebrity look alike, he has performed more than 1200 shows with his own unique tribute to both music and the spirit of the famous man.


Tom began performing his tribute regularly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since then, Tom has expanded his show with several talented musicians and a repertoire of songs that are sure to satisfy Landsharks everywhere.

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Servicing the Greater Pittston area, Pittston, PA


Neil Diamond Impersonator

Tom Sadge has been a full time entertainer for his entire adult life. He is a popular vocal impressionist and DJ and sings the songs of Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley, Tony Bennet, Johnny Cash and many others. However, the last 15 years as a Neil Diamond celebrity look alike have been the most exciting of his career.


This internationally acclaimed entertainer’s look alike and sound alike tribute to “The Jazz Singer” is a favorite of the most discriminating Neil Diamond fans. He is servicing the greater Pittston, Pennsylvania area.

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