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Best Pizza in PA

Find the best pizza in PA. Don't miss our selections of the best pizza spots in all of PA!

507 S 6th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Wonderful Vegan Pizza in Philly!

Blackbird Pizzeria offers a modern update on this perennial Italian classic, by offering an all-vegan pizza that its customers are raving about! Skeptics need only try a slice (or a pie) to know what they're talking about; the crust is crispy outside, and warm and fluffy inside, the sauce delicious, and the toppings inventive.

Try some of their signature Yukon Pizza with "thinly sliced yukon gold potatoes, rosemary, olive oil,and sea salt" (see what I mean?) or the extremely popular BBQ Pizza, with "cornmeal crusted portobello, bbq sauce, onions, and daiya cheese." Stick a pin in your doubts, and let this food speak for itself!

903 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

A Great Gourmet Pizza in Philly!

Rustica in Northern liberties serves great gourmet slices to hungry Philadelphians at reasonable prices. Their pies are made fresh every day with choice ingredients; they’re thin crust and crispy, made sturdy to hold the generous portions of toppings on every slice. Try your favorite toppings like spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, or try the house specialty, The Old Smokey, and enjoy a red pie featuring smoked mozzarella and pancetta.

They’re conveniently open late, with friendly, efficient service, and quick delivery to a variety of city locations. Seating is available inside and out so you can enjoy the weather, or enjoy a quiet, corner table.  If you love pizza in Philly, Rustica is a great place to order a pie.

1547 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Great Pizza in Newbold!

Franco Luigi’s Pizzeria is a family-owned business offering take-out and delivery pizza to the Newbold neighborhood of South Philly.  They offer a thin-crust New York style pizza made when you order, with sweet sauce,  a good proportion of cheese, and ample toppings.  There’s a five dollar tomato pie every day for those on a budget, and gourmet pizza, like their special Roast Pork and Sharp Provolone, to suit the fussiest pizza eater.


 If you like the food, stay and check out the High Note café, where the wait staff sings opera, and all your Italian favorites await you. Luigi’s has become a staple in South Philly for the quality of their pies, and certainly ranks as one of the best pizzas in the city.


103 Capital Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Pittsburgh Pizza in Brookline!

Fiori’s in Brookline, Pittsburgh may look like a neighborhood dive, but they make some of the best pizza in the city.  The prices are right for their large pies made perfect with a thin crust, sweet sauce, and tasty melted cheese. Try it with your choice of toppings, an extra side of cold cheese, or homemade meatballs.


 Fiori’s is open late for your convenience, and is perfect for a quick stop during a night out on the town- seating is available, or take your pizza home. Fiori’s stands up to the field of pizzeria’s in Pittsburgh, and comes away with a great pie and a loyal base of fans.

713 Washington Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15228

A Pittsburgh Pie to Try!

Mineo’s is well worth a try with a word-of-mouth reputation in Pittsburgh that is just as impressive as the awards that line the walls of the store. A family owned business since 1958, Mineo’s still delivers that distinct crafted quality to their pizza with freshly kneaded dough, homemade sauce, and hand grated cheese.  Everyone raves about the delicious crust, at once crispy and doughy- the foundation for a perfect pie.


 While competition in the Burgh is fierce, no pizza lover should pass up the opportunity to grab a slice from Mineo’s: it is certainly a contender for best pizzeria in the city.


2112 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Great Pizza in Squirrel Hill!

Aiello’s Pizza has been serving Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh since 1978, and continues in its dedication to a high-quality pie. Using the freshest ingredients and his authentic brick oven, Guiseppe “Joe” Aiello still kneads the dough that goes into making this much-talked-about pizza.Their homemade sauce is rich and sweet over a crisp crust, and comes topped with delicious melted cheese.


 Give them a call, or drop by; this pie is a great option  for take-out with its convenient location on Murray Ave. Aiello’s pizza and their signature pies have built a loyal base of customers through the years, and can’t wait to add you to the list.

215- 425-4983
2604 E Somerset St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Handcrafted Pizza in Philly!

Tacconelli’s signature “one man-one oven” approach might deter a rookie, but if you’re a pizza connoisseur who doesn’t mind calling ahead to reserve his dough, then this is the gourmet pie for you. Cooked in a hand-built oven almost a century old, Tacconelli’s pizzas are lovingly made from a recipe passed down through five generations. This is a simple pie: beautiful, unadorned, and classic.


Their authenticity is reflected in their price, and the wait; the owners encourage you to BYOB so you can spend the time waiting for your pie with a good drink. The true pizza lover in Philadelphia will hurry to call and reserve the dough; they sell out every night.

1526 W Ritner St, Philadelphia, PA 19145

A Great Deal for Pizza in Philly!

Cacia’s Bakery in South Philly has become a staple in the neighborhood through over 50 years of family owned service. Though they offer a wide range of goods baked fresh each morning, their pizza is some of the best in the city; the crust is thick and doughy with a light buttery glaze, the sauce is zesty and sweet, perfectly offset by just the right amount of cheese.

Try a single Pizzaz style slice, topped with hot peppers, or take home a variety box of twelve different slices for cheap. With reasonable prices, friendly service, and a recipe perfected through four generations, this is a great deal for pizza in Philadelphia. 

5476 Steubenville Pike, Robinson Twp, PA 15136

An Italian Classic!

The award-winning Juliano’s Restaurant and Pizzaeria serves up a great pizza to the Pittsburgh area, along with an entire menu of Italian favorites and full service catering. Their pies are the perfect meal to enjoy with friends for a night out, with an authentic recipe, and fresh ingredients. Ask for their chunky sauce on a thick pan-style pizza, or enjoy a slice of thin crust topped with spicy pepperoni. Head over on Monday, and enjoy one of the best pies in the Burgh for half price.


The restaurant is family-owned, and dedicated the friendly service that complements their delicious food.  Juliano’s has earned its Pittsburgh following for over thirty years; their pizza is certainly worth a try. 


215- 463-0868
10th St And Federal St, 215-463-0868, PA 19147

One of the Best Pizzas in Philly!

Slice loves pizza, and they want South Philly to love their pizza as much as they do. They’re off to a good start. With awards and accolades from all sides, Slice approaches pizza as part-science and part-art, constantly striving for the perfect Neapolitan style pie.  Their crust is thin and crispy, their sauce made from hand crushed tomatoes, their veggies delivered fresh every day. The quality and care will suit the gourmet, the taste will suit anyone.

With two locations (Italian market and Rittenhouse Square) Slice delivers a pizza experience every Philly native should try at least once- it’s not for nothing they won the South Philadelphia Review’s Reader’s Choice Award for Most Original Pizza 2010.







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