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Best German Restaurants in PA

See our comprehensive list of the top German restaurants in PA. Enjoy authentic German-style delicacies at the best German restaurants in PA.

1210 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125


Wonderful German Cuisine in PA Waiting For You At Frankford Hall!

We all know that Philly has good food, and Frankford Hall is no exception. You just can't go wrong at a place that serves Warm Bavarian Pretzels, or Spatzle with Bacon and Mushrooms for appetizers. Ready for the main course? Bratwurst, Knockwurst, or Frankfurter on a warm Potato Roll with Sauerkraut- or try a burger like the Kanzler (a dry-aged beef patty served on a warmed Hudson Bakery bun with Balsamic onions, gruyere, and grilled bacon). We hope you're hungry. For trinken? Easy: draft brews, your favorite imported bottles, or fine Riesling wines. Wrap the whole thing up with a German Chocolate Cupcake, and then head home with the kind of fullness and satisfaction you probably haven't enjoyed since childhood. It's that good.  

537 Suismon Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Try the Sizzling Home-Made Schnitzel At This German Restaurant in Pennsylvania!

So what is Weiner Schnitzel anyway? According to the menu at Max's Allegheny Tavern it's tender veal lightly dusted in seasoned flour and fried to golden-brown perfection. What's it come with? Delicious potato pancakes served with home-made apple butter, German potato salad, or savory sauerkraut. How about a herring in sour cream, or some potato skins (loaded with bacon, gouda cheese, and fresh scallions) to get you in the mood, and Black Forest Cake for after? (In case you don't know, Black forest Cake is chocolate layered with Kirsh-soaked cherries, and garnished with chocolate dipped cherries. Oh yes.) To drink? Whatever you want: cool drafts, bottled imports, German wine. It's authentic, it's delicious, you've got to try it.   

135 West King Street, Abbottstown, PA 17301


Some of the Best German Cuisine in All PA!

If you live in Central PA, then why not take advantage of its strong German heritage, and work your way on over to the Hofbrauhaus Pur & Restaurant. There you'll find some of the finest, authentic German cuisine in the state. Start off with cheese and crackers before trying delicious Sauerbraten or a classic Wiener Schnitzel; or spice things up by ordering Zigeunerschnitzel instead, and enjoy the rich, savory pork sautéed in onions, peppers, and mushrooms. And what goes better with steaming sausage and cheese, with onions and heavy meats, than a cold, refreshing beer like a Spaten Hefe, or a Konig Ludwig. It might be unclear (considering the vast menu) what you're going to order, but we know you're going to love it.

718 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147


One of the Best German Restaurants PA Has To Offer!

Where can you find truly authentic German sausage in Philadelphia? Brauhaus Schmitz, of course. This is what you're going to find when you walk in the door: right off the street, the sound and the intense, savory aroma of German sausage are going to greet you, only intensified as you make your way to your table. Beautiful stylized panelling and window designs meet a relatively simple layout, though you may not notice, being too distracted by the warm, fresh bread laid in baskets for you, and the fine hand made cheeses that go with them. Then the moment comes when your sausage finally arrives, still sizzling on your plate, and you wash it down with a crisp, refreshing German brew. Now, isn't that an evening you want to get in on? We thought so.

1106 Texas Palmyra Highway, Honesdale, PA 18431


A Real German Restaurant in PA Offering Delicious Sausage and Cold Brews!

The name of The Alpine Wurst and Meat Haus tells no lies; it is, quite simply, a haven, founded by those proud of a German-American heritage, for those who want to taste the all the savory goodness of a sizzling sausage, and chase it with a sip of an authentically delicious beer. They're not only a restaurant, they're also a deli, and one of Pennsylvania's premier Oktoberfest destinations. How many on-site smokehouses do they have to prepare the pounds and pounds of smoked meat required to supply both a jumping restaurant, and a full service German delicatessen? Three. You want attention, you want craftsmanship, you want flavor - come to Alpine Wurst and Meat Haus.







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